Educating and developing young artists on the wonderful island of Saint Lucia to be great positive leaders and influencers on an international level.  #GivingTuesday2023

Too much violent material is coming from our young artist, and I am taking the right steps to ensure more positivity and love reach the corners of this beautiful earth.


I am a producer, song writer, and composer, and I will give each individual an amazing starting point to have their first album without thinking of where on earth they will get finances to advance their careers as artists. The answer to the high rise in lost talents in the music industry here in my country is the lack of funds, and we all here at Giveendgo will be the solutions to shaping the country's musical future.


This great idea to implement positive ideas into songs will definitely have a positive psychological effect that will help combat crime, increase positive thinking, and create a more responsible young generation. We will grow and, in time, do more to create a scaleable model for other countries to replicate.


A studio centre located in Saint Lucia will be built that will be open to the public. There will be everything music, for example, free classes centred around music, using music for conflict resolution, employment, and other quality of life areas that improve neighbourhoods.

Funs will be used to.

1. Provide usable training, education, and apprenticeships at no cost to all participants.

2. Reduce crime among the young in Saint Lucia by 40%.

3. Purchasing a building to operate and building a professional studio outright

Why choose GiveSendGo?

I find comfort here, and the staff are very warm. Givesendgo is smooth, and you will be supported in every turn. My experience with Givesendgo is 110 perfect! You won't be left in the dark, for with Givesendgo, success is sure.
Givesendgo is in alignment with our values of liberty, freedom, respect, and growth for all, and I will choose #GivingTuesday2023 every time.

Please consider giving what you can when you can, for we all benefit from the work of the people. For the people.