Prayer Wall

Received October 06, 2022

Praising God for all answered prayers. For people who are helping move things and giving in other ways. Thank you God. Sandra

Received October 05, 2022

Even if, I will praise you! Thank you for your grace and mercy that we don't deserve.

Received September 30, 2022

Dear kind & gracious Heavenly Father, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for our Blessings that my husband is still here with us & will continue to get better. I say that in the name of of Jesus Christ I Pray. Amen

Received September 30, 2022

I have beseeched Jesus to look after my family in Sarasota. Florida. I pray that all of them are in Jesus's thoughts. He has the power to bless and look after them

Received September 26, 2022

I would like to thank God for all his mercy on me and my family. He is the awesome God of heaven and the universe his wonders never cease to amaze me. One day soon He will reset everything back to perfection after He proofs everyone’s that doesn’t love Him is evil. Come Lord Jesus!

Received September 25, 2022

Jesus thank you for the things I don't have. Praise you for the good things that I do have. And thank you for surrounding me with good God fearing people Glory To You Lord. Praise you Lord for bringing the right people in my life to help me. And for all those on here that need help Lord I believe you have filled their needs in Jesus name . In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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