Prayer Wall

Susan Gillmeister

Received February 28, 2024

Please pray for our brother Peter Navarro as he is about to go to prison for justifiably refusing to appear before the Jan 6 committee inquisition.May he be physically safe and draw strength from the Lord .

Desmond Ngalo

Received February 28, 2024

My prayer I pray that God will meet all our needs,that his will be done in our lifes,in Jesus name

Lisa Green

Received February 28, 2024

Need prayers for help with some bills I have been out of work since February of last year.

Christina Davis

Received February 28, 2024

Please pray that we make it through these hard times. With my cancer diagnosis and treatments and now my husband's neck surgery coming Mrch 13th we have no idea how we will financially survive it is all in God's hands!

James Conley

Received February 27, 2024

Needing prayer for severe back pain. Thank you and God bless.

Dennis Wales

Received February 27, 2024

Please pray for Grace. She is a student with medical problems which may interfere with her training. Please join us in praying that, if it is the Lord's will, she be blessed with a full recovery so she can complete her training.

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