Prayer Wall

Received April 11, 2022

Please pray for my fundraiser to reach the screens of people. I have the heart, willpower, and courage to help Ukraine by delivering aid and food. I have created fundraisers to help purchase supplies for infants, elderly, and those with special needs who have been stranded and in constant suffering since war broke out. God is calling me to sacrifice my time, energy and comfort to bless those who need help immediately. I kindly ask for prayers that God and his genuine loving children will help causes like mine be abundantly successful. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Thank you and God bless Ukraine.

Received April 08, 2022

My grandson Khalil Williams was founded not guilty on 2nd degree murder charges In Howard Co on 3 16 22. God Is alive and well. I thank the prayer warriors that prayed on his behalf. God Bless


Received April 05, 2022

My small business is struggling and need prayer for some good things to happen, inflation is not being kind. Thank you to all the prayer warriors.

Received April 04, 2022

We are getting sugar for the Ukraine war immigrants. They are going through a very tough time now and a little sweetness would be nice to give them in their life at this moment. They did ask for the sugar please pray that I can give it to them. God owns me please ask in the name of Christ.

Received April 03, 2022

Please Pray for my baby Violet, But not for only financial support help but for a easy mental recovery of the whole horrific situation. I pray we all recovery together soon. 🙏🤲

Received April 02, 2022

Please pray for my family. My brother in law is missing since Friday April 1 and he has not be seen since then. He is advanced in age and may have been kidnapped or adducted so please help me pray for the Lord divine intervention that he will be found alive.

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