Bless you for anything you can contribute. Remember, we all drive our Nation's highways and faulty and out of adjustment brakes on big rigs is consistently one of the top 3 reasons these trucks get pulled over. 

SWTI is seeking funds to increase its needed product production.  Our technology contributes significantly to reducing  operator stress showing operator brake and braking data in real time.  Further,  SeeBrake reduces:   big rig accidents, save lives, reduce air - water - hwy pollution and  provides heavy truck operators immediate access to brake and braking data. If there's an issue with brakes that issue can be corrected prior to having serious consequences including notification of pending trailer fires.  Our product shows on the operator's  APP in real-time readings:  brake push-rod and timing and timing data to insure that air valves are releasing air in the proper order insuring straight stopping, and if trailer brakes are in a position to contribute to trailer fires. SWTI has two issued Utility Patents.

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We have been incorporated since 2002.  I am the President and Founder of SWTI .   With these much needed monies we can meet the  expanded fleet needs to build more product and apply for additional Patents.

J.A.Clark, President/Founder