Kay has fallen unpredicted hard times completely out of her control. She is a hard working single mom of a beautiful daughter, Jayleigha. Update, as of today Kay is at home. She had one follow up visit last week with her doctor. Her vitals and labs came back promising that the medicine is working and her infection is dissolving as her white count is continuing to decrease. She has a nother follow up this week. However, her doctor does have her out of work for at least a month. Thefefore, she is unable to work if she were to find a job. 

In the mist of her hospitalization she has lost her job, and is worried about how she is going to pay her bills, where she is going to live, etc. We are trying to eliminate any added stresses for her so that her body can heal and she will hopefully have a new beginning, with the New Year. Our hope is to be able to tell Kay that we have a bit of a financial cushion for her so she can focus soley on getting better and have time to search for new employment.  Any prayers, and/or amount that is on your heart to give will be appreciated more than you will ever know. We have currently raised enough to pay her car insurance, and we are very thankful for that for those that have prayed and donated.