Hello friends and family!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little bit of our story!

Our beloved West Thonotosassa Baptist Church officially opened its doors in 1938. To this day, it still holds many of its 1930's charm–despite repeated restorations during that period.

For years, WTBC's congregation was packed to the brim–including children's and teen classes. Over time,however, members relocated or went home to be with the Lord, impacting the membership numbers. 

Fast forward to today, we hold an assembly at an average of about 40 people every Sunday. Although funds are tight, we are confident and excited to see what Jesus has in store for the "re-building" of this church building, and His church in general- His bride! 

The first place we have felt led to serve and re-build is the youth room.

The teens of WTBC have been so faithful in attending our weekly Wednesday night youth service- even despite having to share the space with a few other younger classes. Excitingly, we have recently been blessed with a room that was unoccupied upstairs and in need of a lot of repairs before we could even do anything with it! (I've attached some photos of our progress in that room so far).

We are believing big for a specific vision to come to life in this room for them. We believe that when it is done it is going to not just be a memorable and amazing place to worship and fellowship, but a catalyst for real growth and genuine conversion for the people of Thonotosassa.

After discussing what we will need between additional restorations and furnishings, we decided that $2,000 should meet the need. Any money that is left over will go toward WTBC in general, as we know the church has been struggling financially lately. 

Again, thank you so much for coming on here and reading our story. We appreciate you and even if you cannot support financially, we believe in the power of prayer and will take all the prayers.

Stay updated on here to follow us in finishing the youth's first room to call their own!