Call me presumptuous, but I have an idea that can absolutely work.

Anti-American, 'woke' corporations dominate our American economy. They also control our politicians via their ability to funnel unlimited amounts of donations to political parties, super-PACs, and individual politicians' reelection campaigns.

These corporations act like they are our government. They dictate what we can say online, force religious institutions to fund abortions, and blackmail Christian organizations into submission to their leftist views and practices.

We are building a web directory for patriot business owners, especially small business owners and one-man operations.

The number of anti-woke patriots in America is in excess of 100 million people. Statistically, about one-tenth of that number own businesses.

By using our directory at, we can withdraw tremendous amounts of money - and therefore power and influence - from these corporations and use it to build up a pro-American, free speech-oriented parallel economy with all the bells and whistles of a national economy.

That, in turn, will turn the entire country around because, without these corporations' undue influence over our policymakers, those policymakers will be forced to remember that they are serving us, the People, not the corporations of this country and of the world.

I need $500 a month to make this website more visually appealing and effective so it can serve its stated purpose and to add listings and let Americans know that it exists and what it can do for us. Our freedom is from God, and these corporations are destroying it.

Listings are currently free, and they will remain very inexpensive: around $3 per month per listing once we start charging. This is intended to make listing there financially feasible for even the smallest Christian patriot businesses.

The biggest challenge right now is to get enough listings so that the site can be of practical use for American patriots to effectively boycott woke corporations. Boycotts are useless if you don't have any alternatives.

I will spend every dime I receive through this fundraiser on promoting and filling this directory with patriot-led business listings. Once we reach critical mass, we will be unbeatable!

Please help me achieve that goal. I have no independent financial means to make that happen. Once the site is completed, I will stop using crowdfunding methods to raise money..

Thank you so much!

In Jesus' Holy Name,

Alex Wallenwein
Site Owner