Witzemann Family Fund

My name is Shawn Witzemann and I am an independent journalist and entrepreneur who was covering breaking news at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 for my media company Tribune Media International, as well as Ops Lens Media. I host the New Mexico Rising Podcast and The American Council for Truth in Journalism.
As someone who wishes for the public to understand the reality of any situation I've ever covered, hiding my face was never an option. Just as I had done during numerous situations prior to J6, I risked my safety and security that day, in order to document the truth.  

Four months after my initial interview with the FBI in which I was completely open and honest, the Department of Justice inexplicably decided to charge me with 4 federal misdemeanors on April 1, 2021.  
I am now faced with the threat of 3 years in prison for recording and documenting the events at the Capitol.  

As a father of two teenage boys, who has been trying my best to balance the inherent dangers of my passion for journalism with my duties to my family, the added expense and stress of having to defend our First Amendment rights hasn't been easy.  

I realize I am just a man, flawed in many ways, but deep in my heart I am confident in the fact that I did nothing wrong that day. I was no part of an insurrection, I did not engage in violence, and even according to the DOJ charging documents, it is quite apparent that I was there to provide live coverage.  I was recording video footage and talking to police and protesters alike, in an effort to show my followers the truth of the day.  

As the process of exonerating myself of these continues, I am humbled by the outpouring of support I have received. Although I would rather not be fighting for my freedom, I am blessed to be given this opportunity to strengthen my faith in God.

Prayers are needed more than ever, and if you are able to spare any money to help me in this fight, I would be appreciative beyond measure.   
Thank you for your continued support.   



Update #3
May 19, 2022
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As my trial date draws closer, I continue to feel the hand of Divine Providence in my life. 

I’m truly blessed to be working hard with StopHate.com, Carl Mullan, A4Justice.com, and others. Together, we continue to shine light on the truth of January 6th and the fight to keep America free as our Constitution was designed.

I just returned from the Carolinas where I covered Rock the Red, and the Reawaken America Tour.  

While there, I was able to interview Patrick Byrne, Roger Stone, Joe Flynn, and others. You can find that work on StopHate.com’s social media.  

I was also blessed to spend time getting to know Leigh Valentine and am very excited about what the future holds.  

I continue to travel and go to the source of important a stories. With fuel and everything else skyrocketing, the support I receive here continues to be indispensable to my work as an independent journalist.  

My trial date has been moved to July 27th and I’m excited for the chance to defend the 1st amendment.  

Please continue to keep me in your prayers, and share my story with as many people as possible. 

We have a country to save. 

Update #2
April 18, 2022
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Hello from the great state of Missouri!

I was able to sell my house in New Mexico and the small profit I made on the sale was enough to move my belongings to Missouri   

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything leftover to purchase a house, and due to the problems that now exist with my credit, rentals have been impossible to find.

Fortunately, my parents were willing to allow me to live in a camper trailer they have on their property, so at least I have a roof over my head, close to my children who are currently living in their home.

My oldest son has gotten a job which has been great for his personal development as both of my boys adjust to their new surroundings   

We all miss our old life, and our old house in New Mexico (especially the pool), but we remain in good spirits, thankful for what we have.

I’ve been able to find very modestly paying work as a reporter for a local newspaper here, which has been incredibly encouraging, but unfortunately, the pay isn’t even close to being enough for me to provide for my family the way I once did. 

Nevertheless, I have faith that the hand of divine Providence will continue to guide our way. 

I was unable to come to resolution with the Department of Justice.  The plea agreement would have forced me to lie under oath, and after much consultation with my family, my attorney, and my God, it became apparent that trial was the only option available to me.  

That trial is now scheduled for July 19, and I look forward to speaking truth and proving my innocence to Judge Hogan.  

Thank you so much to those who are able to make monetary contributions to my continued work, as every cent helps make the hole I’ve been thrown into just a little more shallow.  

Update #1
December 10, 2021
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I apologize for not giving an update sooner. Somewhere between the work I'm so engaged in, I forgot to update here. In the last few months I've been incredibly busy.  
I traveled to Texas for a memorial birthday party for Ashli Babbit where I spoke to her mother. It was incredibly emotional.  I've been working 18 hour days and fighting to expose the agenda being played out, not only in regards to January 6th, but with the vaccine mandates and every other facet of a growing global crisis. I've made contributions to stophate.com and stophate.news and am excited to continue working with them.  

My personal life hasn't been easy as I continue fighting the unjust charges which have been filed against me by the US Department of Justice. My boys have moved to Missouri with my parents as I work to sell my house and find a more affordable way to keep a roof over all of our heads. My next court date is set for January 25th and unless the US Attorney makes the right decision to file a motion to dismiss the charges, a trial date will likely be set.  

For years I was able to fund my burgeoning media company with revenue from my plumbing company, but a changing economy has destroyed the business model that made that possible. I've always performed service work as well as administration of the larger jobs I managed but much of that market seems to be drying up as well. 

I'm currently looking for options that would allow me to fully devote myself to fighting for the truth, and being closer to my boys who are now hundreds of miles away from me.  
I'm so grateful for the support I've received here and continue to thank God for his continued providence.  

I know it's a difficult time for all of us. I've never been good at asking for help. Every prayer and every dollar truly means the world to me.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  


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