My name is Jesse Johnson and I owned Without Papers Pizza in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. On October 9, 2021 the City of Calgary shut down Without Papers Pizza for refusing to enforce bylaw 65M2021 (vaccine passport). Some of you may have heard of me. I have been at the forefront of the Freedom movement in Canada since the closure of my restaurant. On July 31, 2023 a ruling was made in the Court of Kings Bench by Justice Romaine that all covid mandates issued under then Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw were Ultra Vires (illegal). This included the disgusting and immoral vaccine passport. On November 15, 2023 in the Court of Kings Bench, ALL charges brought against myself were dropped by the City of Calgary. The City of Calgary closed my restaurant illegally and without adjudication.

A civil suit will be brought forth against the City of Calgary and Alberta Health Services by my legal counsel (which will be announced soon). If successful and damages are awarded ALL donations will be 100% reimbursed.

It is my opinion that the vaccine passport was the most heinous crime ever enforced upon Canadians and the darkest moment in our history. I have dedicated my life to fighting the criminal government that enacted it. I will not stop until there is accountability.

God bless Canada and God bless freedom.

Jesse Johnson