We refused the vaccine passport and were shut down by the City of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. Hi! I'm Jesse Johnson, one of the owners of Without Papers Pizza. We were a family run restaurant that was in business for over 20 years in Calgary, AB, Canada. We were an institution in Calgary and pillars of our community.  On October 9th, 2021 we were shut down by the City of Calgary and Alberta Health Services for refusing to enforce the vaccine passport. We chose not to participate in the medical segregation of society and believe all Canadians to be equal. Without Papers Pizza employed over thirty people and supported two families. Since the time of our closure I have been on the forefront of the freedom movement in Canada. You can follow me on twitter @wopizza 

The proceeds from this fund will go towards legal counsel at our upcoming court date in July, 2023 where we have been charged with nine counts of failing to discriminate healthy Canadians.

If you would like to see a family business made whole again along and put and end to future discriminatory vaccine mandates please consider donating to our legal fund.