Wings For Liberty And Justice

Campaign Created by: Tom Floyd et al

The funds from this campaign will be received by Tom Floyd.

Goal: USD $500,000
Raised: USD $ 50,636

We are 28 employees or former employees fighting United Airlines because of their blatant disregard for the rule of law and our religious convictions. With a heavy hand, United Airlines mandated the use of an experimental EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) product of questionable efficacy in August of 2021. Not only was this mandate violative of our personal religious and medical integrity, but United further illegally told us that if we refused to submit, we would lose our jobs. Not only was this abhorrent to our personal convictions, as it turns out, it is patently against the law for any employer to make such threats.

The law ensures that all persons may refuse experimental drugs, and there shall be no consequence beyond those associated with a medical nexus. Nowhere in the law is job loss a consequence of the lawful refusal to take the experimental drugs. None of the medical products were “approved” by the FDA, but rather, they were “authorized” for emergency use. EUA is only an administrative procedure used to circumvent the extensive and arduous FDA “approval” process. Most of us submitted religious accommodation requests. Some of those requests were denied and those plaintiffs were outright terminated. Others who had religious requests granted were placed on indefinite unpaid leave without any benefits, including medical coverage for healthcare. When the narrative in 2022 changed, United tried to backtrack and invited some employees with religious accommodations to return to work. However, with the caveat that anyone who is religious could be placed back on unpaid leave at the company’s sole discretion. Some plaintiffs did not return, some retired due to hostile working environment, but some did return to work, knowing that at anytime, they could lose their jobs over and over, with no long-term job security.

We are in a David vs. Goliath battle as we bring forward the law against United Airlines and their hostile actions against employees. They have deep pockets, and we expect them to try to run us out of money before justice can be served. We need help from everyone who believes that regardless of your situation, no employer should be able to force you to take any drug to keep your job, especially if it is an experimental one. If United Airlines can get away with ignoring core EUA law, minimizing our religious convictions, and forcing compliance, then every employer will try.

Join us in fighting for our freedoms. We not only fight for the employees at United, but for all Americans. We are standing strong for those who have no voice and those who didn’t know they had a choice. We need to set the precedent for future generations.

Donations will only be spent to help us pay the expenses that are involved with a lawsuit of this importance. Your one-time gift or monthly donation will be appreciated. If many of us donate $20/month, we will even the tables. Together we will ensure that this will never happen again. This is where we are Standing. Please stand firm with us!

We are pilots, flight attendants, maintenance specialists, technicians, ramp service and customer service specialists and we need your help.  Thank you for your generosity and may God Bless you!


Update #2
July 5, 2023
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We submitted our 1st Amended Complaint in response to the UA Motion to Dismiss.  In our filing, we enumerate the critical laws that we believe United violated via their "vaccine mandate" policy.  We continue to maintain that UA violated our rights protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and that they were extremely heavy handed in how they treated religious employees.  We also strongly believe that UA as a private entity ceased to exist after the US Government essentially took over by grant, loan, and outright purchases of UA common stock.  And in our recent filing, we maintain that UA violated laws regarding the use of Experimental Drugs.  Namely, they're experimental... thus, cannot be mandated... and everyone has the option to refuse, and that refusal cannot be used for retaliation or retributive actions.  

Our hearts go out to those who thought they had no options, and those who were aware, but were not able to resist.  Many of our coworkers took the experimental drug under extreme duress and many have suffered medical and emotional effects.

We continue to request financial assistance to fight this fight.  Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated and needed.  Thank you for your generosity and may God in Heaven bless you. 

Update 25 May 2023
May 25, 2023
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As expected, United filed a Motion to Dismiss.  I believe this is standard procedure.  We must now file a document refuting that MTD.  Our legal team is working on that now.  It is required to be submitted at the end of June.   We expect further MTD and future additional documents after these are completed.  Thank you for your donations and your prayers.  TF


  • Please pray for perseverance. Several in the group are already being targeted in form of harassment and reprisals.
  • Please pray for our Lawyer, John Pierce. He is fighting for our religious rights and needs endurance, restoration, wisdom, and protection from the enemy.
  • Please pray for blessings for those who choose to stand with us, either in prayer, or in gifts.