Williston Kids First, Inc is a 501c3, so donations are fully tax deductible. Owned and operated by Kevin Hunter The Homework Guy, and Amazing Elizabeth The Homework Gal, 14 year veterans of content creation on YouTube! Together. they've accumulated 413,000 Subscribers and generated just under 60,000,000 views! As a former Military Training officer, Kevin Hunter is NOT new to motivating and Inspiring young students. He rocked the Army RSP Camp in with outstanding new soldier graduation (MOS qualified) percentages.

BOTTOM LINE: We can't afford to sit on the sidelines waiting for the broken school system to fix itself! 

Graduation rates are in the low 70% range. Academic proficiency in a variety of subjects hovers near 30%, and the future of our children is being decided by a failing school system! The current school board refers to the school as a giant ship, slow to turn around and improve. They say "Just watch." But, the community has been watching, and we aren't very impressed. WKF is much faster moving, because we are NOT a slow moving sluggish government entity. By bringing the community together, we can start addressing the deficiencies of our students NOW. We want the needle to be pointing at Success instead of Failure. Would you step up and help us?