Help Start a Wild Horse Rescue

Campaign Created by: Erin Phillips

The funds from this campaign will be received by Anne Phillips.

Goal : USD $30,000
Raised : USD $2,108

Hello, I’m Erin Phillips, a Christian and life-long animal lover and owner!  My love for wild horses began with the “Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies” documentaries I watched with my family when I was five years old.  I remember the thrill of watching wild horses race across their range in freedom, then the sadness when the whole herd faced a government roundup (being removed from the wild).  Wild horse bands (families) were separated from each other, and stallions would desperately fight to return to their mares and foals.

For awhile, we didn’t watch those documentaries again (probably due to how much we had watched them!), and although I always knew that wild horses and burros graced our western plains, I almost forgot about them and their struggles.  Then, in 2017, I began thinking about Cloud and his family again and found The Cloud Foundation’s website.  There were many changes in the Pryor Mountains (Cloud’s herd), including the death of Cloud and many special, new foals that are carrying on his legacy.  I also started learning more about what wild horses and burros face in the wild and how they are removed by the thousands every year at the cost of each American taxpayer.  This is mainly due to private livestock ranching that is taking over our public lands and is destroying our wildlife, public lands, and using our tax dollars.

Since wild horses and burros are part of God’s creation, which He put into our care, there was only one thing I could do - I got involved!  I became a volunteer for The Cloud Foundation in 2018 and started contacting our elected officials, writing articles, and educating family and friends.  Through that time of volunteering and continuing to learn more, I developed a desire to save the mustangs that are in holding pens (where they are housed after being removed from the wild), to train them, and give them wonderful homes where they would be cared for their entire life.

This desire became a plan, and is now the beginning of a mustang and burro rescue called, Mustang Mission.  Mustang Mission will be located in Effingham County, Georgia, where my family and I live.  In the coming months, we will be preparing our property for this rescue, as there is a need for much work due to our property previously being covered in planted pines.  On February 25, I will be picking up my first mustang, which I will train and keep as an ambassador for the mustangs and Mustang Mission.  He will also be a big help with training new horses and keeping them steady.  Then, I will begin training mustangs and burros and offering them for adoption.

There are over 50,000 wild horses and burros in government holding pens across the country, and thousands more in slaughter pens.  That is why I am starting this rescue, Mustang Mission, to protect and save our wild horses and burros.  While we cannot save them all, we can make a difference for each of the mustangs and burros lives that we rescue.  The faces of the ones left behind will give us the urgency to keep pressing on to fulfill our mission - to rescue the mustangs.

Although I will always advocate for the mustangs and burros to remain free with their families in the wild, we must help those who have been removed and are suffering in holding pens.  I’m very excited to see how this rescue grows, and I’m very thankful for each of you who are praying, donating, sharing, educating others on the plight of the mustang, or are following along in our journey -- it will be exciting!

Please visit my website ( to learn more about the issues wild horses and burros face.


Where the funds will be used for in the next year:
-We will need a 2-3 horse bumper pull trailer.
-Since our property used to be planted with pines, there is some land clearing that needs to be finished (mulching stumps).
-There are many low spots on our property, so we will need dirt to fill in those areas.  Although we cannot know for sure the amount of dirt needed, we estimate about eight loads.
-For the rescue horses in training, we will need tack such as treeless saddles or mustang soft ride saddles, saddle pads, bitless bridles, rope halters, and leads.
-The fencing will be one of our biggest costs.  We will be using Red Brand 2x4 No Climb Horse Fencing, T-posts to support the fencing, with wood posts and bracing at each corner and in the middle of each strip.
-We will need two round pens that will be used for the mustangs when they first arrive.
-We will also need miscellaneous items, such as water troughs (100 gallon), feed buckets, hay racks, training tools, and brushes.
-There are three 12’x12’ stalls in our barn that we are planning to enclose as one big shelter (with no stall dividers).  These stalls attach onto the main field.  
-For the mustang starting pens (round pens with a small shelter, 10’x8’), we will be building a lean-to shelter (one in each pen) with 1 ½ sides.  
-When we begin rescuing horses , we will be using funds to pay for feed, hay, veterinary care (if needed), deworming, general upkeep (flyspray), and farrier costs.  I believe in taking care of horses very naturally, so I use herbal dewormers, non-GMO and soybean free feed (with organic minerals), and natural supplements.
-Within a year, I hope to file to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit and will use some of these funds to accomplish that.

*We will be very careful with using these funds, especially during this time when wood prices are so high.
*Please note: the funds will not be used to pay for my mustang, Mustang Mission’s ambassador.

We welcome any ideas, help, or references to items for sale that we are in need of.  Please contact us if you have any items on the list that you would like to donate.  Follow our blog at to get updates on what the funds are being used for and to see the progress that will be made.

Our Mission
To rescue mustangs and burros in bad, dangerous, and neglectful situations in an effort to preserve, protect, and acknowledge a national icon – and part of God’s creation – while educating the public on the plight of these animals.  Mustang Mission will advocate for mustangs and burros in the wild and work with other organizations to keep them free.

Photo - A mustang that was in danger of going to slaughter.  Credit: Dana Zarrello 


Update #2
May 27, 2022
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Mustang Mission is growing and we're excited to see where we will be in a year.  Our first rescued mustang is doing great and new projects and announcements are just around the corner. 

To continue our work, we have to think of creative ways to get the word out and fundraise.  Will you please vote for Mustang Mission to share in $150,000 of grants?  Please vote here afterwards, please share it with your friends and family and on social media pages.  Voting is completely free (no cost involved) and would help so much!  Thank you!

Mustang Rescue Update
November 26, 2021
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Thank you so much to all of you who have donated!  Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated.
Next month, I will be bidding on a mustang gelding that was removed from the Onaqui Wild Horse Range several months ago.  He is 11 years old and Sales Eligible, which makes him more likely to be bought and end up in the slaughter pipeline.  Older horses are often overlooked by prospective adopters, which places them in danger of being bought by the wrong person.
This Giving Tuesday, please share this fundraiser with your family and friends.  It would help greatly with rescuing this mustang in need.


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