I came into this world with a gift for reaching the hearts and minds of children. I’ve worked in a program serving children with special needs, early childhood education as well as taught English to students of all ages abroad.

Over the years, I began making a connection between the structure of our education system and the lack of enjoyment of learning I observed in children. In 2020, when it became blatantly apparent that the public education system was indoctrinating young minds with fear and division, I knew I could no longer move forward with integrity in this broken system. I immediately acted on creating my vision for a new educational platform.

Wilder Paradigm is an entirely new pedagogy for education, as well as a beautiful shift for humanity. We are re-imagining our world and returning to living in connection with one another and the earth, while reclaiming our sovereignty. Wilder Paradigm connects students of all ages with freedom-minded educators around the world both virtually and in-person for a rich, well-rounded educational experience. Our mission is to inspire, empower and support students in an environment where learning is natural and fun! This wonderful new paradigm allows for creativity and innovation to truly flourish. I’m so grateful to bring this gift to humanity and excited to co-create with you all!