Hi, I'm Darren Marlar - host of the Weird Darkness podcast.
Every October I dedicate my podcast to raising funds for organizations that help people who struggle with depression (as I do). At the end of October 2021 we raised over $6,000 which was divided equally between 7CupsiFred, and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Our best year ever for our annual Overcoming The Darkness fundraiser!
Even after October, I had people wanting to give towards the fundraiser, but it was too late. So I'm setting up our October 2022 campaign now, in November 2021 so that it will be here all year for anyone to donate at any time. Also, for this 2022 campaign, I am going to include all profits I receive from sales of merchandise in the Weird Darkness Store, sales of CBD oils through the website, and from sales of Weird DarkRoast Coffee . I will be including those profits here as they come in each month - so you will see our running tally grow throughout the year!
As before, I'll close out this fundraiser at the end of October and announce how much we raised!
A gift of any amount will bring us that much closer to our goal - and your donation helps that many more people who are affected by depression. So no gift is too small! And if you feel you want to do more, you can share this campaign with others and ask them to give, and also share the Weird Darkness podcast with others, as that is where I share the resources that we are supporting with this campaign.
We all know someone who struggles with depression - whether we know it or not. It's something those who suffer deal with in silence, in the shadows. But the above organizations are working to make it easier for those in the darkness to come into the light, to find help, and to learn they are not alone and that there are ways to overcome the darkness and live normal lives.
I'm evidence of that.
Please give what you can, share this campaign with others, and I'll see you over on the podcast!
--Darren Marlar
Weird Darkness