In 2019 the U.S. government held meetings in Washington DC regarding "groups" being labeled as "domestic terrorists" that posed a "danger" to the "justice system" and the "country". 

The meetings were held by the FBI, U.S. Attorney's Office, and others. 

The primary focus of the meetings was me - Timothy Charles Holmseth. 

The federal government literally held meetings about me wherein I was suspected as posing a "danger" to the "justice system". You might wonder how a news reporter could possibly be a "danger" to an entire "system". You might wonder just exactly who and/or what I was actually endangering. You can learn what you need to know at which is an ad-free website that is chronicling the historical events I am investigating, reporting, publishing, and addressing in U.S. Court. 

I am in the next phase of Operation Alert Donald J. Trump.

I filed a RICO action in Tennessee - Holmseth v. Page et al - 3:22-CV-00912 which is a case in progress. I encourage you to read the first two complaints I drafted and remember, if I file anything in the U.S. Court that is a deliberate lie, I would be committing a serious felony. I can assure you - MY STATEMENTS ARE TRUE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE and made in Good Faith. So... go read it. 

As reported by ABC news, "The House voted Tuesday afternoon to establish a new special panel to probe what Republicans call the "weaponization of the federal government."  

ABC reported, "The subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee would have extraordinary power to investigate any part of the federal government for perceived wrongdoing against conservatives -- the Justice Department and FBI, in particular. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is expected to take over the Judiciary subcommittee as Republicans say they are making final assignments". 

President Trump recently said on Truth Social, "Page 2. For seven years, from the day I came down the escalator in Trump Tower, the Democrat Party has WEAPONIZED the “Legal” System, using City, State, and Federal Law Enforcement against me and the Republican Party as though they were a Private Protection Agency. The greatest Witch Hunt in American History must end now. I beat the Fake Impeachments, the disgraceful Mueller Persecution, and much else that the Fake News doesn’t want to write or talk about, but this charade MUST STOP NOW!!!"

"Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI, the so-called Department of “Justice,” and “Intelligence,” all parts of the Democrat Party and System, is the Cancer. These Weaponized Thugs and Tyrants must be dealt with, or our once great and beautiful Country will die!!!" Trump said.

I have been hunted by former Navy SEALS and former U.S. Special Forces. I have been threatened by a former FBI agent. I received ominous warnings from a retired Vice Admiral of the United States Navy. 

It really pisses some people off when you report about cannibalism and where "lab grown diamonds" really come from. 


President Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan, and some others have finally made it safe for me to go all the way. 

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If you don't have funds - please pray for me - for I battle not against flesh and blood, but rather, against principalities and wickedness in high places. 

Someday, Jesus is going to tell me how many children I saved. Someday, Jesus is going to tell me how many souls I won in His name. 

That's all that matters in the end. 

"Whether you know it or not, the Gospel of Christ is the most important thing in your life" - David Carrico