I wanted to make a plea for help and share some crucial information about Wayne’s current circumstances, including his thoughts on his longstanding dedication to the bail bond industry. It is important to understand the gravity of the situation, the urgent need for proper medical attention that Wayne requires, and the impact this has had on his professional outlook.

Throughout his career in the bail bond industry, Wayne has demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment. He firmly believed in the importance of providing a helping hand to those in need and ensuring a fair and just legal process. His passion for the industry stemmed from his genuine desire to support law enforcement and assist individuals during difficult times.

However, the recent turn of events has shaken Wayne to his core. As he finds himself entangled in an ongoing legal battle and faced with inadequate medical care, he is grappling with conflicting emotions. The experiences he has endured throughout this ordeal have caused him to question his once unshakable faith in the system he had dedicated his life to.

In May 2019, Wayne and an another licensed bail bond agent, Jody,  apprehended a fugitive who absconded to Missouri from Louisiana.    Ironically, Missouri refused to pursue any charges against the agents for doing their job.  However, Two years after, local Missouri law enforcement officers advised the agents they committed no law violations, they were both indicted and arrested on Federal kidnapping charges in June 2021.  In a very upsetting turn of events, on September 28, 2023, Wayne was found guilty.

In addition to the troubling circumstances surrounding Wayne’s case, he is also confronting potential medical conditions, including a potential brain problem, which requires immediate and appropriate medical treatment. Regrettably, the government has not provided him with the necessary care, exacerbating his condition and placing his well-being in jeopardy.

Moreover, Wayne expresses his deep concern and anxiety regarding the impact this case has had on his personal life. He has missed significant events, such as the birth of his baby boy who just had surgery

 The toll extends to his businesses, reputation, trust, and relationships with family and friend

It is crucial that we stand together in support of Wayne during this incredibly challenging time. As colleagues, we have the opportunity to rally around him, offering our solidarity, encouragement, and assistance in any way we can. Although we may not have the power to directly influence legal proceedings or medical decisions, our collective support can make a significant difference in Wayne’s journey.

In light of these circumstances, it is imperative that we continue to emphasize the values of due process, fairness, and upholding civil and constitutional rights. Wayne firmly believes that his rights have been violated throughout this case, hindering his ability to mount a proper defense. The delays in the legal process, coupled with the lack of appropriate medical care, only compound his distress and jeopardize his well-being.

Wayne’s unwavering dedication to the bail bond industry speaks volumes about his character and his commitment to justice. Despite the challenges he currently faces, he remains resolute in his belief in the importance of the work he has dedicated his life to. Let us remember this as we extend our support to him, recognizing the immense value he has brought to our industry and the lives he has positively impacted.

It is crucial that we stand united as a team, reminding Wayne that he is not alone in this ordeal. Together, we can help make a difference and provide him with the support he needs during this challenging time.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,