The train derailment and chemical spill in East Palestine is jeopardizing the safety of the drinking water for the entire community. 

When toxic chemicals settle into the soil and rivers, they seep through the ground and into the aquifer.

The only source of water in East Palestine is their aquifer. Without filtration systems, they will be at risk of drinking the toxic chemicals from the industrial accident.

4,721 people don't know if the water from their kitchen sink is safe.

We are organizing the acquisition, distribution, and installation of whole-house granular activated carbon filters for everyone in East Palestine.

Your donation will help bring safe water to the people of this community.

While our goal is to get safer drinking water to all of East Palestine, our first milestone is to install a reverse osmosis filter in 100 residences. This will cost approximately $50,000.

Donate what you can to keep these people's water safe, and keep them in your prayers.

Funds are being disbursed to East Palestine Water Relief, a special initiative of the 501(c)(3) Rogers Assembly.