WARKEYS LLC (We're All Responsible Keep Every Youth Safe)


Like many, I am the product of a single parent home. Unlike some, I worked hard to beat the statistics of living in low-income housing with a drug-addicted parent. When I graduated from high school, I joined the US Army. After 2 terms, I returned home to take care of my mother and help with my siblings. Our mom succumbed to cancer and I stayed to raise my brother and support my sister. 

My brother has ADHD and my sister had dropped out of school. Still, he graduated on time & earned an associate degree. My sister is now an LPN and soon will be a RN. 

I earned a Master of Human Services Counseling degree & have worked with youth for 22 years. This role, other than being a mother, has been one of the most rewarding. However, the dark side of it has shown me illiteracy, depression, anxiety, abuse (all kinds), and many other ills that our children are facing. I've been to hearings, prisons, graduations, baby showers, sporting events, hospitals, weddings, concerts, and many other milestone occasions with my students. I've served students from pre-k to college with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD/ADD, oppositional defiant disorder, deaf, blind, hard of hearing, gifted, and general ed. They are all races, ethnicities, religions, and genders. They have become family. I show them the same love I would hope others extend to my children.

After my divorce, I lost my job during the pandemic (double whammy). Still, I never falter in serving my students or supporting my own children.

At this point, however, I want to expand my reach and I can no longer do it alone. So I'm reaching out to like-minded and heart-centered people, those who want to do more for young people, but don't know what to do; those who desire to see more support for kids, teens, lgbtq persons, other underserved populations, young college students, teachers, police officers, parents, and anyone else who has significant impact on the lives of youth; anyone who's tired of the bullying stories and stories of violence that in most cases, were preventable with education, training, and/or intervention.

The multitude of letters (about how much they love me, how much they hate school, or how I have saved their lives-imagine that being your child), invitations, private messages, visits, phone calls, and so on are a testament to what my students, parents, and colleagues have said about what I've done (and this is on a small scale). 

I'm ready to quit my job and get to the real work of changing and saving lives on a mass level. A feat of this magnitude will require more than what I can accomplish on my own. 

Will you join me in serving those who should be among the most valued in our society, youth?