As our nation witnesses the results in kids' lives of the secularized state education system, Vail Valley Baptist Church feels a calling not just to advocate for change, but take responsibility in bringing change - should God prosper our cause.

There is dire urgency to be about the work, knowing our local communities cannot withstand another decade of moral rot and profound ignorance being poured into the hearts of our children.  And now, for the first time in Arizona, there is a real opportunity for change - a parent can now transfer their child out of the system and into a private school, with their tax dollars following their child to subsidize the switch.  

In order to join this cause as we must, our church first has to become financially solvent.  New schools require plenty of funding.  Through previous leadership, VVBC took on an ARM mortgage with a balloon payment to build our sanctuary with a remaining balance of $370k. The current elder board is attempting to repay this debt in obedience to Scripture's command that we are to “owe nothing to anyone except love” (Romans 13:8).  Every spare penny we have is now going into paying off the principal, including the salaries of our worship leader and pastor. 

VVBC is committed to fulfilling our obligation so we can start the next phase of our mission and build a school.  The distinctives of our school will be marked by classical Christian education methodology taught from an unapologetically biblical worldview. We want to raise up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7, 22:6) with the ability to reason (2 Corinthians 10:5) and navigate a world increasingly fraught with danger for those of the true faith.  

There are several ways to get involved all of which are desperately needed. 1st is prayer, what we are attempting to undertake is huge and without God none of it is possible. Second, please share us as far and wide as possible, the more eyes that see our campaign the more likely we will find the kindred spirits that we know are out there. For more information visit our website Finally, if you are able please donate, its time to be about the business our father has given us. Your generous donations will help us make a eternal impact on our community young and old. 


This is a summary of our plan we are working hard to execute.  We ask for your financial help, and if you are local to our area, we seek your aid in person to bring our plan to fruition for the sake of our children:

 Phase 1: 

Step 1: Pay of the current mortgage balance of $370K

Step 2: Build/Sustain Home school pod as foundation of future school

Step 3: Increase communal classes for the pod including art, theology, and trades

Step 4: Bring on a full-time pastor to increase outreach and worship services

Phase 2: 
Step 1: Roll out and planning of elementary program
Step 2: Start saving for new sanctuary so the old can be remodeled into more classrooms
Step 3: Start implementing a grade a year from Kindergarten up till 5th grade
Step 4: Double number of all classes from K-5

Phase 3: 
Build new sanctuary which will also house classrooms for 7-9
Year 8: Introduce Middle School one grade at a time 

Phase 4:
Year 9: Double Middle School Classes
Year 10: Introduce High School one grade at a time