VSS Overview:

Veterans Support Solutions, L3c (VSS) is a "Low Profit, Limited Liability" social impact organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. VSS has expertise in a wide range of Veteran career planning services (since 2001) and is now working to address the emergency & transitional housing challenges faced by a growing Veteran market initially in the El Paso, Teller, Chaffee, Park, & Pubelo County Regions and the Colorado Springs Metro market area.  

Veterans Support Solutions : VSS's mission is to enhance the quality of life for Veterans and their families through creative support services, responsive career planning, and participating in and collaborating with local community agencies for the benefit of uniformed service personnel, their families and survivors – including Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard and Retirees. Our services will exceed the expectations of our clients. To achieve sustainable growth through building credibility, loyalty and trust from our client base while providing real deliverable's for our supporters.

We are actively engaged in developing innovative and sustainable Veteran Housing Solutions and Support Services here in Colorado that can eventually be set-up and established in cities and communities across the USA.

VSSTrack (Veteran to Civilian Transition Services)

  • VSSTrack – Veteran Transition Services
    End Date:        Open Ended
    Service Type:  Veteran Support Services and Training
    Duration:        Varies specific to program offerings, training venues, or support of other veteran support organizations.
    Start Date:  September 2015

About VSS

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Program Summary

VSSTrack Services that are offered by VSS has grown from simple career planning programs to sessions on basic manners and hygiene facilitated by in-house staff and volunteers. Veterans are offered counseling and attend necessary classes to ease the transition from being homeless to a functional citizen.

VSS is looking to annually fund it’s VSSTrack Services with a minimum of $50,000 annually, but could support service offering expenditures between $50K to $100K by increasing our outreach programs and adding Case Management Team Members.

Providing service and necessities to Veterans who are homeless, or transitioning to a permanent home might include some or all of the following services and/or items:

Lyft / Cab and Mountain Metro Bus vouchers/passes (Single or 21 Day Passes)

1. Used to assist Veterans in getting to clinic for appointments, group therapy, etc.

$20 Gas Cards (Shell, King Soopers, Loaf-N-Jug, etc.).

1. Used to assist Veterans in getting gas to make appointments, job interviews, etc.

$10 Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, Safeway, King Soopers, etc.).

1. Used for Homeless Veteran’s Program to support vital Veteran needs.

Toiletry items (body wash/shampoo, House cleaning kits (mop, bucket, broom, toilet brush, cleaners, sponges, paper towels).

1. Used for Veterans in transition to permanent residence.

Recreational passes (bowling, movies, zoo, and museums).

1. Used to support Substance Abuse Transition Program recreational trips. 

Restaurant Gift Cards ($10-$25)

1. Used to support Substance Abuse Transition Program rewards program for successful program completion and for Homeless Veterans.

Sports Equipment (Balls, Hacky-sacks, horseshoes, etc.)

1. Used to support Substance Abuse Transition Program recreational trips.

Housing needs (deposits, background & credit checks, hotel stays ext..)

Cash Donations specified to purchase for donation items:

  1. Cash donations can be made targeted to any of the above needs or programs allowing Volunteer Coordinator to purchase items as needed.
  1. Checks payable to Veterans Support Solutions
  1. Annotate on check purpose of donation (Homeless Program, Substance Abuse Transition Program, General Purpose Fund, Bus Passes, etc.)