Just a few days after the 2020 election I was dismayed to see our election system was completely insecure. Our elections were stolen, rigged. I saw poll workers getting kicked out of elections offices and windows being blocked to view what was going on inside the county elections center where our votes were being counted. I had a background in creating innovations solutions to prevent bankcard fraud and Idendity Theft. I prayed to God asking him how can this lack of transparency in the tally of ballots could be remedied. I believe God answered instantly!

The vision He gave me was Las Vegas Casino tables had cameras over top of every table to catch and deter cheaters. I realized if it works in Vegas to catch cheaters and to deter fraud, then why can't we have our ballots counted under cameras too. I envisioned a public livestream camera over the top of every table and citizens and media broadcasting the feed and being able to report any inaccurate vote tally they saw. This would add true transparency to our elections.

Originally I envisioned using this system for vote recounts or revotes should states not certify elections. :( Yet this did not happen. We had Selections, not elections and our state legislatures should never have certifed elections in most states or all 50 states. It is after all the duty of the state legislatures and Secretary of State to not certified elections when credible account, affadvits of election fraud are duly investigated and forensic audits to discover if mass election fraud did indeed happen in an amount that prodcued the wrong winner in even just one race.

State legislators and Secretaries of State also too have the fiduciary responsibilty to see that only living citizens and legal residents of state, county and city cast a maximum of one balltot. They have the responsibilty to make sure our election process is secure to eliminate illegal ballots from being cast. Yet, most states legisltures and Secretary of States are grossly neglegent in their responsilbity to ensure only living citizens and legal residents of the state vote in their state and federal elections.

Come December 14, 2020 many of us witnessed 8-10 hours of testimony of election fraud taking place in Arizona, and hen summarily the state legislature voting to certify the election. I was completely dumbfouned and dismayed, but God right then gave me another vision as to how to secure our elections. This was the Voter Key Card portion of our comprehensive solution to make our elections secure. I had the vision that the security in the smart chip in bankcards and multi-factor authentication could be used as a Voter ID card and tool to enable only legal voters, those that are living citizens and legal residents of a state, county and city to vote in any election.

Since 1988 when the smart chip in the bankcard was rolled out in Europe, it has not been hacked. The chips cannot be cloned or read without decryption software to do so. The technology is this chip card makes it a perfect tool to use to secure elections. The Voter Key Card will be sent to citizens after their identity and citizenship are verified and all voter's will be required to have a Voter Key Card to be able to vote in any election. Of course each state will have to pass this as law for this to become the new voting process.

Visit VoterKeyCard.com to learn more about our soltuon to make our elections secure, Just and transparent.