Over the last three years, Viva Coffee House has been a hub for the community and a safe place for people seeking freedom and solace. We've helped you through tough situations, fought for you and alongside you, and donated to your little leagues and clubs. We've sat and held your hand when tragedies have happened and celebrated your milestones. We've stood between you and tyranny and even gotten arrested to protect civil rights.

But we're up against a giant.

Since 2020, unconstitutional orders and mandates, targeting small businesses and freedom-minded people have caused the closure of over 40% of Tucson businesses over the last 20 months. We have been locked down, shut down, persecuted by our own government, and harassed by their followers. That was just a warm-up.

The new V mandates and other policies continue to severely damage remaining businesses, including ours. It’s bad. After City Council voted to enforce firing employees not willing to violate their conscience, our foot traffic dropped 40-50% overnight—just as we were bouncing back from the lockdowns. The social media shadow bans have not helped either. 

We are behind on rent and utilities, and sinking deeper into the black as a destructive ideology continues to systematically destroy Southern AZ. We need to raise at least $20K to catch up. For us, that's a tall mountain, but maybe not insurmountable.

We are hesitant to ask for help when many are facing job loss. So we leave it to you. If you want to see Viva Coffee House continue to be here for you, then please help us however you can. Here are a few ways:
  • Come into Viva and bring friends!
  • Purchase our whole beans at the shop. We roast our own now
  • Attend our FreedomTalk Events: https://vivacoffeehouse.com/freedomtalk/
  • Shop on our online store: https://vivacoffeehouse.com/store/
  • Share our social posts with your followers, repost and comment
  • Please consider donating to our GiveSendGo
We have come so far and fought so hard. Viva is all our family has left. We would like to keep it open to continue serving you.

Kelly, Andrea, Rick & Cheryl