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The Pathology of Virtues is to be a complete education program offered to students for free. It is devoted to the comprehension and application of virtues using Structural Virtues Theory (SVT) and Risen Spirit (RS) Theory, or Resurrexit Spiritus Doctrina, the phenomenology (click here for "Resurrexit Spiritus" series that includes RS and SVT). The purpose of the project is to promote virtues, spiritual attainment, community contribution, and improved life. People who understand the value of virtues naturally cling to them, and then pass on the resultant happiness by doing Good for others. The capacity for human development is yet unexplored, but those depths will not be achieved without dedication and mental discipline. The attainment of virtues is the advancement of the mind itself. This takes daily effort and consistent presence of mind. This is based in remembrance of self and the importance of actions taken in this life.  

Freedom is not in money, leisure, material pursuits, or any moving pleasures, but in the comprehension of and ability to do Good (click here for "Complete Freedom" series). The attainment of virtues is therefore the most important goal for which a young adult or teenager can strive, to ready themselves for taking advantage of education. This is not simply because of improved presence and studying, but also attitude and passion for the lessons. The most lauded universities and the best professors will not help disinterested and misaligned students. True mental development conveys resilience, strength, and purpose. In fact, education is the process of earning purpose, and then feeding it once earned.  

My name is Dr. Marcus Roe, I truly appreciate your time investigating my project and I look forward to any suggestions or questions!


Project Title:

 1. Pathology of Virtues education platform by AuraPura publishing 

Executive Summary: 

 1. I seek funds for the creation of a new virtue-oriented education platform, beginning with production of a two-year, ten-course "Pathology of Virtues" program awarding an "Associates in Virtue Arts" certificate. This is part of the overarching goal of AuraPura Publishing, as devoted to the promotion of virtues. The righteous are as bold as lions, we need more lions.

Project Description: 

 1. Create courses of education, along with textbooks, for the promotion of virtues. Includes competencies, lessons, discussions, lectures, and then further refinements.

 2. Education and self-improvement system from beginner to advanced courses.

 3. Courses are informed by Christian, Stoical, other philosophical inspirations, and the Structural Virtues Theory based in the phenomenology of Dr. Marcus Roe (, called Risen Spirit Theory (download).

 4. "Pathology of Virtues" courses program to be made available to students for free.

 5. Books and periodicals for the advancement of virtues science and promotion of virtues literacy, since healthy societies contribute to the further development of virtues throughout.

 6. Crowdfunding to keep out corporate interests, who have been the biggest sources of cultural and virtue degeneration.


 1. It is impossible to perform proper experiments on a singular individual because a representative control group is not feasible.

 2. An identical twin is the best alternative control group, however it is imperfect and obviously limited.

  1. Other people in the same position in life with similar backgrounds are mostly used in the social sciences. This is far worse.

  2. This issue escalates with the addition of more people, introducing ever more variance. The variance may bring the overall average of the sample closer to representing a population, but what if the population is not the point of interest? The variance obfuscates investigation of the individual.

  3. Psychology must involve social reality though not through the lens of averages, as this can never describe psychology but rather sociology. It is impossible to properly align quantitative study with the qualitative aspects of lived reality.

  4. Quantitative data therefore fails to represent the immanent developments of an individual both qualitatively and by weakness of quantity to represent individuality.

   1. The quantitative is abandoned in the exploration of individual development.

   2. This is to say individual development is primarily pertinent to the spiritual and immanent.

  5. The pathology of virtues natively aligns with ideal spiritual goals, because the best guide is Reason. Reason navigates through the confusion of experience to provide the ultimate qualitative data.

   1. Generally, this leads toward moderation, as in the centralizing tendency of elevational motive in RST.

   2. Therefore, the promotion of virtues is compatible with promotion of spirituality, in effect, so that to train in one is to cultivate a desire for the other. 

  6. The qualitative skill most involved is recognition of excellence. Recognizing excellence is to desire attainment of it in the self. 

   1. This desire for excellence drives education, learning, and cultural engagement so the cycle repeats by informing further refined recognition.

   2. This skill is only attainable after achieving the honesty aspect of Reason.


 1. Promotion of virtues through: 

  1. education platform

  2. books

  3. periodicals.

 2. Promotion of Intellectual Humility:

  1. Intellectual Humility is extremely important, which is why it manifests in Risen Spirit Theory (RST) and Structural Virtues Theory (SVT) as something much larger than a singular virtue. It is represented by a full two-thirds of the virtues and contains the first two watershed moments in the system before the analysis aspect of Reason can be attained more than 50%. These include the complete honesty aspect of Reason as well as the propriety and awareness moments, 8 virtues representing all 3 aspects of Reason and all 4 moments of Reason's expression. The first watershed is where honesty in Spirit, an ability for loyalty, spills over into the propriety moment of analysis to provide excellence. This is necessary for recognizing excellence and overcoming hubris, obsession, disdain, amnesis (forgetting self), and, of course, envy. The other watershed moment is the construction of patience, conservation, and prudence toward ethics, which is to say ethics is blocked by the error of delusion. So Intellectual Humility correlates most with the honesty aspect of Reason becoming irresistible so that the conceit aspect of materiality is lost and the promises in moments of propriety and awareness are fulfilled. This Intellectual Humility is necessary to contribute to the dialectic of humanity according to RST and SVT, however it is completely neglected by certain basic principles used in many sciences. One great example of this is the hyper-obsession on recent authorship. This popular policy presumes all topics neglected in literature of the last 5 years are so because the science was settled. This is absurd on its face since many scientists will naturally have a predisposition to ignore difficult or costly questions.


 1. Six month outcome: Instructional videos, weekly readings, and assignments for at least one full year of the "Pathology of Virtues" program made available on the platform. Additional courses to be developed in tandem, based upon need and learner input.

 2. First year outcome: At least two full years of courses made available on the platform. First textbooks published for the "Pathology of Virtues."

 3. Second year outcome: Diversification of education platform courses and attraction of additional authors for books and periodicals. More textbooks published on virtues generally. Additional textbooks to be tailored for specialized courses on virtues. Translations will be explored.

 4. Fifth year outcome: Continual improvement of the education platform. An important expansion will be development of an advanced course program for instructing on how to teach "Pathology of Virtues" in a classroom. Translations will have been adapted for improved fit to local cultures and languages.

 5. Long-term and beyond fifth year: Investigation of additional programs, courses, and accreditations.

Capacity for Success: 

 1. Unlimited. Structural Virtues Theory is easily adaptable to other cultures and has the capacity to enlighten regardless of tradition or religion.

Donor Intent:

 1. Promotion of a virtue system with intellectual honesty, humility, and anti-delusion at the core. The foundational two-thirds of the system are devoted to Intellectual Humility.

Primary Contact: 

 1. Dr. Marcus Roe

 2. Founder - AuraPura Publishing


 4. 208-802-2208

10. Will hire at least one additional person.

Brief Budget explanation and Sources of Additional Funding: 

 1. Office location, servers, printers, presses, additional publishing equipment, and labor. Labor to include writing, teaching, interacting with students, printed material pressing, organizing competencies, constructing courses, and marketing.

 2. Additional funding:

  1. Book Sales and Tuition

  2. Attempting to acquire grants

Additional Projects

Children's Books:

Children's book series ("AuraPura Sprouts" working name) devoted to promoting virtues per SVT and RST but adapted for educating children in simple narratives.

Cooperative and Home Schooling:

Schooling plans for parents and curriculum recommendations to enable homeschooling and books to help in the creation of parent-owned cooperative schools ("AuraPura Elements" working name). Strategies and resources developed will also assist parents organizing their own cooperative schools. These parents get to decide who teaches their children directly. This is to include especial rules for transference of interest with 'alumni' parents and grandparents potentially involved.



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