We are raising money to support a squad of Ukrainian Defense Fighters. These men are much like our Minute Men in the American Revolution.  They have answered the call to defend their country in its most difficult hour.  However, because they are not regular Army but rather volunteer defense forces they do not get the support and equipment that the regular Army does.  These brave men are in need of personal protective equipment. In other words body armor, helmets and other protective equipment.


Our mission is to support these brave people of Ukraine and others like them and to purchase this much needed equipment that can save lives and deliver it directly to the fighters that need it in Ukraine. 

Our company protects people and provides rescue operations to people impacted by Natural Disaster, Civil Disturbance, Famine and War. 

Your contributions will go towards this equipment and other humanitarian aid in Ukraine.  

Show that you can help by contributing today.

Your contribution may or may not be tax deductible.  Please consult with your own advisors.