On Monday, October 23rd, my sisters and I got concerned because we couldn't get in touch with mom. We contacted the police in her hometown who went to the house. Mom had fallen down the stairs off of her back deck. She had numerous injuries and was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center. There, she was diagnosed with a brain bleed along with a skull fracture, broken shoulder, ruptured eardrum, head laceration, and a lot of bruises and scrapes. She is currently in the ICU with hopes of moving to rehab soon. She is very confused and not always clear on where she is or who we are. She will need OT, PT, and speech therapies.  Jackie, Jo Anna, our dad, and I all live a plane ride away from her. We are using this site to help offset the cost of flights, rental cars, and meals for us as well as any medical bills our mom may incur from this whole ordeal. We are hoping that having family there as much as possible will help to keep mom on the road to recovery. We appreciate any and all support you can give us.