We're Adopting!

As many of you know, we’re in the adoption process and we need your help to bring our boy home from an orphanage in Mexico and welcome him into our family as he already resides in our hearts and prayers.

We've been working hard to do this on our own and it was a difficult decision to humble ourselves and ask for help but we realize now that the quicker we move, the quicker he comes home and joins our family.

Our Adoption Story: Well, as you know, we have our 22 year old married daughter and a 16 year old daughter. We were not grieving the empty nester stage that was quickly approaching, but instead we were making plans to go on many adventures an young empty-nest couple. Little did we know God had other plans.

To make a long story short, Blake and Evie joined our church on a Missions Trip to an Orphanage in Mexico in February 2023. They were sending me pictures and videos of all the amazing kiddos along with request that we either move there or bring some of these kids home with us. I laughed at first but soon my heart had melted over all those sweet faces in need of a family.

When Blake and Evie returnded, Blake and I had many discussions, asked for prayer, and prayed together as a couple. It all boiled down to this: Were we going to live out the remainding 40+ years of our life focused on comforts and travel or were we going to change up all of our plans to give a child a family and a home. Well dang! I took that question to The Lord and it immediately seemed silly as all I could see in my mind was God's loving ambrace carrying me through my years on the streets without a family.

This time of prayer reminded us that in our early years of marriage we had always hoped to adopt but our circumstances were never right. Here we are now with an empty room and daughters and a son in law ready to embrace this sweet boy and grow our family.

Will you partner with us?