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After 25 years of battling Cancel Culture to publish nonprofit journalism on the negative effects of mass immigration in defense of the Historic American Nation, is faced with a crippling pincer attack: overwhelming legal costs AND the canceling of our credit card processing.

Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, is a lawless political activist bent on destroying Donald Trump, the NRA and every law abiding American patriot she can get her claws into. For the last two years, she has been investigating VDARE on a massive fishing expedition.

VDARE has been accused of nothing and charged with nothing. Our legal costs come as a direct result of complying with the onerous subpoena demands from the NYAG's office, and fighting for our first amendment rights in federal and state court. 

VDARE has never been accused of any financial impropriety. The banks we rely on to facilitate credit card donations have all canceled or declined us because they believe the smears that groups like the SPLC spread to silence patriots around the country. 

Please donate today to help defend ourselves from this existential threat.