Are You one of the 100 MILLION Americans that have been MANDATED to receive the VAX?

We are VAXMANDATEINFO.COM and we've compiled information to help employees navigate the process of getting an exemption or fighting the mandates legislatively.

Please help us organize and provide resources to people who do not want to be vaccinated but are terrified of losing their jobs.

The Biden Administration recently issued an Executive Order mandating Vaccination of the following employees:
ALL Federal Employees
ALL Employees of Gov't Contractors (Raytheon, GD, Lockheed, etc)
ALL Healthcare Employees if they receive Federal funds (Medicare, Medicaid)
ALL Employees of Private Businesses of over 100 or face fines of up to $70,000 according to (Forbes Sept 28,2021)

The new requirements could apply to as many as 100 million Americans -- close to two-thirds of the American workforce

"The expectation is if you want to work in the federal government or want to be a contractor, you need to be vaccinated," press secretary Jen Psaki said

Yet, WE THE PEOPLE object along with 27 States, many of which have filed lawsuits.

Although lawsuits have been filed by AZ Attorney General Brnovich and others, they won't weave through the court until it's too late for many who are feeling coerced to take the shot or lose their jobs.  Biden's deadline is December 15th!


The funds donated will be used to support the effort:
A central website for information, Exemption Forms, Links to resources etc.
Banners, Flyers, Billboards, Meeting hall expenses and Legal Fees to Attorneys who will help employees file for exemptions.
Eventually funds may be used to directly file lawsuits and ultimately get an injunction on behalf of those who don't qualify for exemption or were denied.

WE ARE NOT A POLITICALLY AFFILIATED GROUP!  We invite all legsislators regardless of party to join us in fighting Federal overreach.  This mandate affects EVERYONE.