Derrick Vargo Legal Fund

Campaign Created by: Citizens Against Political Persecution, INC

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Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 6,000

Derrick Vargo was hesitant to speak out for over a year in fear of retaliation by the Biden Regime but he is now fully committed to holding the Capitol Police accountable.  Fully aware of the political persecution of Trump Supporters after January 6th, Vargo decided to face the chances of arrest and detainment at DC Gitmo in exchange for being a possible conduit of the truth about what really happened on January 6th.

According to attorneys, because Vargo is suing the Capitol Police for damages he would be privy to discovery and evidence that could potentially shine a light on who was responsible for giving orders on January 6th that left so many Trump supporters injured or dead, and giving Democrats a political weapon to leverage against average Americans with no seeming end in sight.

According to advocates, Vargo's case is unique and can open a floodgate of sought after answers.  It will also put Capitol Police on the defensive, which they are not used to.  Since January 6th, Capitol Police have sued Trump, his supporters, January 6th defendants languishing in prison, and rally organizers.

Please donate to Derrick Vargo's fundraiser so he can retain a criminal defense lawyer in case he is politically persecuted by the Biden Regime, and towards his civil case against Capitol Police.

The funds will be held in escrow with Citizens Against Political Persecution, INC.  According to a representative from the organization, "If funds are not used for Vargo's criminal defense, they will be used towards his civil case and investigating Capitol Police.  We hope establishing a solid fund will discourage the Department of Justice from persecuting this man."


Read Full Article by Cara Castronuovo in The Gateway Pundit
February 22, 2022
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“Capitol Police tried to murder me,” said Derrick Vargo, a Trump supporter seen in viral videos being thrown from the top of a high wall by a police officer on January 6th. “It was Attempted Murder. I am lucky to be alive and now I am stepping forward to be the voice for those that they killed on January 6th like Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland and the others who no longer have a voice.”

-Excerpt from EXCLUSIVE: “CAPITOL POLICE TRIED TO MURDER ME!” January 6th Viral Victim Who Was Pushed Off Second Story Ledge by Police Speaks Out, Announces LAWSUIT! published 2/22/2022 in The Gateway Pundit


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