The VAERS Project is nurse driven research education about VAERS for healthcare professionals.

We began investigating the lack of knowledge surrounding VAERS and were shocked by the depth of the knowledge deficit. We then set out to create continuing education, and it is now freely available on our website,

Our education will improve appropriate and accurate VAERS reporting by dispelling common misconceptions. It will also facilitate communication about the risks associated with vaccination, improve early detection of rare or unexpected adverse events undetected during clinical trials, and encourage the development of treatment protocols for those who do experience adverse events. It is our sincere belief that as we achieve these goals, patients will see improved outcomes and stronger vaccine science.

By donating to the VAERS Project you are supporting the dissemination of the educational materials provided by VAERS Project. You will also make it possible to advertise the purpose and mission of the initiative to reach a larger audience.

Patient safety should always be at the forefront of healthcare and VAERS is the only system capable of detecting trends in adverse events after vaccination, errors in administration, handling, and manufacturing. All medical professionals should have access to this information.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation.