Two recent champions of the cross and conservatism are under attack by Joe Biden's D.O.J. for exercising their constitutional right to protest in 2020. The D.O.J. is NOW trying to punish them for daring to come against the prevailing social justice "sacred cow" of abortion. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in federal prison and hefty fines. The ordinance that they are being charged with violating is the F.A.C.E. act. It is obvious that Joe Biden's D.O.J. has targeted Bevelyn, Edmee, and other pro-life advocates using this law. 

In a short phone conversation with Bevelyn and Edmee, Bevelyn confirmed that she believed it was retaliation for Roe vs. Wade being overturned. This is not conjecture, and the Associate Attorney General, Vanita Gupta, has said as much. Gupta described the overturn of Roe v. Wade as a "devastating blow to women throughout the country" that took away "the constitutional right to abortion" and increased "the urgency" of the D.O.J.'s work—including the "enforcement of the FACE Act, to ensure continued lawful access to reproductive services."

Their court dates will be held in New York. They both live in another state. Expenses for constant travel for the women and their team will be expensive. Bevelyn is a new mother and a relatively new wife. As expected, the finances needed to fend off this attack from the DOJ need to be raised. If convicted, their fees and fines will be hefty. Evidence gathering and other things needed to present a strong defense require money. If you recall, from 2019 to 2020, we saw these two advancing the kingdom of God in very dark places, putting themselves at significant risk to represent Christ and YOU. It is time we help represent them by giving what we can to help.

Any amount will help us get to our goal. We believe we will significantly exceed our goal and show the world that the Body of Christ stands together. Ultimately this isn't even about Bevelyn or Edmee. It is about the ability of Christians to freely express their deep conviction on public topics and the right we have to take lawful action. 

We thank you in advance and pray the peace of God guards your mind and heart in these precarious and increasingly perilous times. 

For more details on the case, please read the following excerpt and/or read the indictment using this link:


"DOJ charges Tennessee pro-life activists with violating FACE Act, still no arrests in Jane's Revenge attacks. Department of Justice yet to announce a single arrest in string of vandalism against pro-life pregnancy centers across country. Defendants Bevelyn Williams and Edmee Chavannes of Tennessee are charged in connection with "a multi-year campaign to interfere with individuals seeking to obtain and provide lawful reproductive health services in New York and in several other states.""

Fox News

"FBI Arrests Two Pro-Life Advocates for Protesting Abortion, Ignore 160 Attacks on Pro-Lifers. But Joe Biden’s law enforcement agency still hasn’t arrested a single person after more than 160 acts of violence against churches, pro-life groups, and pregnancy centers. For the nearly three decades since FACE was enacted in 1994, it has rarely been used to prosecute life advocates. Yet in 2022 alone, under the Biden/Garland DOJ, there have been at least 22 peaceful pro-life activists indicted under the act — with the first case involving pro-life advocate Mark Houck, whose family was raided after an altercation at a Philadelphia abortion business last year where he accidentally pushed down a man who was verbally accosting his 12-year-old son."

"WILLIAMS, 31, and CHAVANNES, 41, both of Ooltewah, Tennessee, are charged with conspiracy to violate the FACE Act, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. In addition, WILLIAMS is charged with violating the FACE Act through force, threats of force, and physical obstruction, resulting in bodily harm, which carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. CHAVANNES is charged with violating the FACE Act through threats of force and physical obstruction, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York


"Two anti-abortion activists known for creating chaos when they visit New York were indicted Friday for blocking access to a lower Manhattan Planned Parenthood clinic, federal prosecutors said. Bevelyn Beatty Williams and Edmee Chavannes surrendered in their home state of Tennessee to face charges that they tried to stop women from getting into the center, which provide abortions and other reproductive services."

Daily News


"Protesters charged with harassing women entering Planned Parenthood. The two women have repeatedly drawn ire around the country. Two protesters from Tennessee surrendered Friday to face federal charges in New York for routinely harassing women entering a Planned Parenthood clinic on Manhattan's Bleecker Street."

ABC News