Hi. We prefer not to ask for donations but these times are difficult so we must humble ourselves. Conservatives are constantly under attack, and we're not immune. All we want to do is get our conservative/libertarian message and the truth out there but liberals will not leave us alone.

So far we've been attacked for being conservatives in the following ways:

  • Our Facebook account was shut down permanently (even though we hate them, we just used them to spread our message).
  • Our Twitter account has been suspended permanently (even though we hate them, we just used them to spread our message).
  • Our Go Fund Me account was shut down (and have since learned they're !@#$%s and we refuse to use them anymore).
  • Our T-shirt stores have been shut down after using SIX different vendors. We're on number SEVEN now and just waiting to be shut down.
  • Google has blacklisted us from their search engine and we cannot use them as advertisers.
As you can see, we're in a tight spot. However, we refuse to let the liberal machine win. We are right and just. We are American patriots who don't back down. 

That said, our founder is a Navy vet from the first gulf war. He is currently on disability (not from the war but from being in a car accident where he was rear-ended with both cars being totaled) since he had two back surgeries and had titanium rods and screws surgically inserted into his back. In other words, he can't work.

Running a website that reaches thousands of conservatives every day is expensive (server costs, CDN costs, etc.). Since our growth, we've created:
  • USSANews.com 
  • PoliticaDepot.com
  • TeaPartyGear.com - our T-shirt store
Thank you and God bless.
Team News
Veritas Libertati Scutum
(Truth is Freedom's Shield)