Dear Friends –

You may not know this, but our National Airspace System—specifically the people who fly you from place to place and those who support that effort—is in real trouble now and is getting worse. US Freedom Flyers is the only organization that is working to protect and defend against the deterioration that threatens the safety of our workers, passengers and even citizens on the ground.

What’s happening is that our nation’s pilots, because their airline companies and the federal government have forced them to get the covid vaccine or lose their jobs, are facing a major medical crisis. I’m sure you’ve heard of pilots who are becoming incapacitated and dying from cardiac events while at the controls or shortly after landing. This is happening all over the world.

I’m raising money on behalf of the US Freedom Flyers, an organization devoted to holding the FAA accountable for their actions in forcing these shots on our pilots, airline workers, and passengers; and for reducing long-standing medical tolerances for pilots. It is likely that a catastrophic accident could occur if a pilot incapacitation happens during a critical phase of flight, such as take-off or landing. US Freedom Flyers is dedicated to litigating against organizations that will not acknowledge this situation and seek to fix it.

Finally, US Freedom Flyers is dedicated to supporting and publicizing a world-class medical team that can help our vaccine-injured aircrews regain their health and safely, and once again, operate our aircraft. The US Freedom Flyers' President gets many calls a day from vaccine injured people.

You can imagine what might happen in the event of a catastrophic incident; furthermore, you can also imagine what will happen to our essential air-travel industry if thousands of pilots are so ill they can no longer pass their flight physicals.

There is so much more to say, but I’m thinking you get the idea. Please donate to this cause to support US Freedom Flyers in filing a lawsuit against the FAA to protect both crew and passengers.