As I witness my fellow Americans being displaced, laid off, and threatened to be removed from society for exercising their bodily autonomy also known as my body, my choice. Parents and people from all walks of life are being forced to make lifechanging decisions without informed consent. Peoples livelihoods are being threatened and anyone that is Pro-choice is shamed.

As Academy of Ideas has covered in many of their YouTube videos about how to escape from a sick society or a mass psychosis is we need to create parallel societies where we create the world we want to see.

In our upside down world, discrimination is frowned upon unless your unvaccinated in which case their is a war out for you. The smartest people are being forced from their jobs and are looking for new opportunities. 

Let's use the power of community to grow into a job board with lots of great job opportunities for unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated community needs as much support as possible right now as so many people are in fear for their livelihoods and they have families to support especially with soaring costs.

All funds will be used to build & grow using Professional job board software such as which costs $5,388/Year. This will cover our software expenses and we will need to market & advertisie, thankfully having the exact match domain of the word, Unvaccinated, that everyone is using helps a lot. Due to extreme censorship and deplatforming, we can't just use any platform such as getting a cheap theme and throwing up a wordpress site. Wordpress is notorious for deplatforming websites. We have to vet any company we work with especially since has been deplatformed and banned from our software.

I love the idea of crowdfunding this unique opportunity to help people so we can build momentum for this incredible movement. This opportunity has an even greater mission of breaking the chains of tyranny from government overreach. Big Gov is the problem, WE are the solution! Military servicemen and women are leaving the military in droves so they will need opportunities that respect their rights.

I can't do this alone which is why I reached out to New York Nadia as I wanted to work with her to grow this site as she shared this idea on youtube right before Youtube gave her a 2nd strike...Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from her, but her video received an outpouring of support for the idea...

I have been on the front lines speaking out and standing up for peoples rights & freedoms for years with growing the unschooling movement so more and more children have the freedom to learn.

I greatly appreciate your support & feedback! If you can help building or growing the site, please reach out to me!

Power to the People!

Live Free,

John Robson