My name is Anthony Chavez, 42, from Denver, CO. I’m a single, full-time father to an amazing son named ChasingHorse (Chase), a Native American/African American currently enrolled in Denver Public School, a 2nd grade at Lowry Elementary. I've been arrested and charged for what the school did to my son. I was on max home confinement and still wear an ankle monitor, was area restricted 80 yards from school, Chase was assaulted by a racist obese LGBT nut job, I couldn't take my son to another school (same district failed "leadership") My son is not being educated.

This is your chance to do something for freedom and parents choice.  

All donations are going towards the remaining balance of my retainer for a criminal attorney who has connected me with a well known Civil Attorney civil proceedings will follow criminal solution. I  will no longer stand for a whole generation (Chase’s generation) to be thrown away because of adult fear.

All my best, 

Anthony Chavez