Unbreakable Church - The Docu-Series

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Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 10,100

They say young people today spend up to 9 hours per day in front of a screen. The amount of entertainment and indoctrination is at an all time high, while true learning is at an all-time low. We believe the Christian film industry is a wonderful way to try and counteract this epidemic, by providing stunningly beautiful, yet Biblically-sound content

Enter Unbreakable Church, where were on a mission to see Church History transform the way we view our world today. 

Why should something that happened long ago be important to us today? As Edmund Burke once warned: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” 

Unbreakable Church is an attempt to make Church History relevant to our modern era. This documentary series, filmed in the Middle East and Europe with a professional film crew, will be tailored to make Church History simple, versatile, and applicable to daily life.

There is also a strong focus on making it as inter-denominational as possible, that it might be enjoyed by any and all Evangelical Christians, as well as something you could stare with your non-Christian friends to show them how beautiful and powerful the story and perseverance of Christ's Church is. 

The Unbreakable Church project will be broken into three different seasons, with each season being made up of three chapters. We would like to release one season per year, with a final product that is able to cover Church History effectively and dynamically, starting with Jesus and the Apostles and guiding the audience through to the modern era.

The goal in each individual chapter will be to combine storytelling, recounting the lives of the heroes of the faith, with crucial interviews, which will aim at bringing context to the time-period in question and a better grasp of the Church’s extraordinary legacy in general.
If you’d like to join us in making this ground-breaking project with the hope of blessing many lives, please prayerfully consider partnering with us

Please visit our website for more detailed information, pictures, and more: www.unbreakablechurch.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo

Christopher R. Mattix

Director/Producer of Unbreakable Church



Filming Date for "Season One" is Set!
November 22, 2023
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We're so excited to announce that thanks to all the donations from a variety of persons and ministries, we have now set our filming date for Season One of Unbreakable Church for October 2024. Thank you for partnering with us!

At the time of this writing, we've been able to raise 52% of the total funding. Please visit this link for detailed information about our expected needs and current funding situation. 

Also, you won't want to miss our mini-promo series, as we continue to churn-out new material on Vimeo. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. For the latest and most detailed updates, please subscribe directly on the website

We still have a ways to go, but we're stepping out in faith and trusting in the Lord to continue to provide and open doors for this project. 

God bless you, 

Christopher R. Mattix

Director/Producer of Unbreakable Church


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