Brian & Becky Honcoop have been renting their farm, and it is being sold out from under them. They don't have the ability to buy the property and stay.  There are a dozen or so adult Mastadors, and over a dozen older puppies 5-8 months old that are being given away. There are also over 30 puppies just reaching the age they can go home, that are being sold well-below market.

Brian & Becky treat all these dogs like pets. They run loose on their rented farm, sleep on old leather Goodwill couches, and get hand-prepared food each day. But the market went soft last year, and he ended up with many unsold puppies. An expected turnaround did not happen, and then their notice to vacate came from the landlord. This is a heartbreaking turn of events for our friends, who have yet to find a place to move to.

We are raising money to insure that we can get all of these dogs and puppies into loving homes, not shelters. It will be used for transporting the dogs and puppies, and any vet work, crates and pet nannies that need to be obtained for it to happen. 

YOUR GIFT will help Brian & Becky get over this nightmare without a forced move of the dogs to shelters!