Hi! I hope all is well. 
To say the last year and a half has been crazy would be an understatement. In fact, I was talking to someone the other day and said it feels like one of the episodes from the Twilight Zone. 
As crazy as it has been, God has been moving and shaking with Michelle and I, our Podcast, our local church and the church we work with in Kenya. Believe, we have only been able to sustain these paths because God is so good, faithful and guiding our steps.
For the past eight years I have been working with an awesome man of God in Kenya, Pastor Jackson Ole Kepue. He loves God and loves people. I haven’t met a man before who sacrifices so much to help provide for people both physically and spiritually. This grace filled man of God would give you the shirt off his back or his last dollar/Kenyan shilling, and then trust that God will provide for him. 
Over the years our relationship has grown and he has played a huge role in my life through discipleship and now friendship. Iron definitely sharpens iron and this is definitely my brothers and I relationship. 
Our church, Transition Point Ministries, is in the Manyatta area in Kisumu, and is considered Kisumu’s biggest slum. The people of the community and the church are either jobless, work jobs that pay day to day or don’t pay very much. So as the saying goes, the struggle is real but so is God.
Last year when COVID shut the world down we hit our first obstacle as businesses were forced to close, people were out of work and they didn’t have the money to buy food. People were going days without food. So we prayed and God laid it on our hearts to start the Kisumu Food Pantry. Over the past year and a half God has provided thousands of meals to those in need.
Through this ministry and prayerfully keeping the church open we have seen numerous blessings. Not only did we feed a church, we fed people in the community and we were able to assist other pastors in feeding people within their churches. It has been a beautiful thing to watch and experience. 
People are going back to work, the pantry is still open and available, but we have another issue where we are hoping you can help. 
Because God is not done. 
God wasn’t only multiplying the food donations, he was multiplying the church. We have grown 150% over the last year and a half. 
This is awesome, but we have an issue. The government restrictions are still in place for how many people can meet based on the size of the space. We went from one service to two, considered three and came to the conclusion we don’t have the space to accommodate the amount of people who want to meet in person. But you can’t stop the people from coming to church, they show up faithfully to God. 
This has created an issue. The growth, the amount of people has the landlord worried that the government will get involved and it will be her responsibility so she is pushing us to leave. 
Well again God is always at work and we have been given an opportunity to buy a piece of land through what could only be His orchestration. God has been moving and shaking and we have moved forward in purchasing this land in faith. 
The property costs 50k usd, which for a piece of land in Kisumu city is a great deal. The seller wanted ten thousand US dollars down and we have been able, locally in Kenya, through donations and the church to raise those funds. This leaves us with forty thousand US dollars to pay. 
Oh, let me add in one more small detail: it has to be paid in the next 90 days. 
40k usd in 90 days
Yes, it’s a monumental task, but we have God on our side, and He makes the impossible possible. 
We are trusting, in faith, that God will provide His faithful that will have hearts to join us on this journey to provide a space that will accommodate the church. We want a space where they can come and join in worship, hear the word, be built up, discipled and provide the space needed where we can continue to take care of the needy within the community. 
Is it you, is it someone you know? 
The most important thing I could ask is you keep us in prayer, share this mission with those around you and join us in trusting that God will provide.