Have you ever thought…’I Just Want the Truth?’

I have been thinking that for years...so I decided to do something about it! I created a website to bring REAL truth to America!

As explained in the video…America needs the truth when it comes to politics and our mission is to provide it through TruthbyFacts.org!

TruthbyFacts.org is not ‘opinion driven journalism’...nor are we just another set of supposed 'fact checkers following a narrative’.

We are TRUTH SEEKERS.  Our goal and end product is TRUTH.  Facts are simply the tools we use to bring REAL truth to you, so YOU can determine what you believe and why you believe it!

TruthbyFacts.org has to remain completely free from even the perception of bias.  Because of this, we have to avoid receiving funding from sources that may affect that…like advertising or corporate funding.

The best way to accomplish this and keep truthbyfacts.org available to everyone, is to operate through financial support from those who want to see the truth for themselves...and who want truth exposed to others!

The business structure of Truth by Facts LLC has been established.  At this point, we have soft launched phase-1 of truthbyfacts.org which shows what our concept is and how it will work.  Phase-2 launch will be fine tuning the website and adding content.

To enable us to add the content, we need to have a massive database developed to store all the information that will bring you the truth.  This financial support campaign is to cover the cost of that Phase-2 Launch.

Soon, we will need continued support for day-to-day expenses but starting out we are focused mainly on building  that data base, to enable us to continue developing TruthbyFacts.org and the impact we want to bring to American politics.  The 2024 election season is coming up rapidly and we want to be up and fully running in time to provide truth at a time it is so desperately needed!

Are YOU tired of wondering what the truth is?  This is your opportunity to do something about it!  Something tangible to help bring REAL truth to America…so you and others can make decisions…with complete confidence that you know the truth!

Support truthbyfacts.org right now with whatever amount you can.  No matter how small or large, every dollar when combined with others will bring you closer to having a source that will bring REAL truth to yourself and the rest of America.

Then share this story with as many people as you can and help build this crusade for REAL truth!

Remember this...When truth is hidden it has no power!  Only when exposed does it have the power to correct biases, deceptive reporting, and false information!!

Help us expose truth to American Politics today!

Our desire is to build a community of truth seekers who want to see the truth, who want to know the truth, and who want to share the truth!

Become part of that community by supporting TruthbyFacts.org right now and by sharing this story!!