Patients and families, who have endured injury or loss during the course of medical care and have concerns that have led them to question the integrity and intentions of hospitals and medical practitioners, are seeking answers and accountability. There is a need for medical investigation and consultation.

Truth and Honor seeks to partner with, support, and come alongside these families to:

 - Give patients and families who have been victims of malpractice or neglect, a thorough documented retrospective review of the care they received 

 - Arm patients and families seeking care with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions

Give them back their VOICE

Connect them to the resources they need for the next steps of their journey

Offer spiritual healing services for grief, anger, resent, and regret

As the number of families in need of services and support from Truth & Honor grows, not all families are in a financial position to afford the medical investigation and consultation fees. This campaign is one avenue for us to provide financial support to families to ensure justice and accountability for their loved ones.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you for helping us bring INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY back to patient care and make Patient Family Centered Care the standard again.

To learn more about Truth and Honor's mission and services, please follow this link:

To apply your funds directly to a particular client case, please email a copy of your donation receipt and intended recipient to

Kind regards,

The Truth & Honor team