Jeff Sabol Legal Defense Fund

Campaign Created by: Friends of Jeff Sabol

The funds from this campaign will be received by Michelle Waufle.

Goal : USD $150,000
Raised : USD $ 6,217

Jeff Sabol is a devoted father, helper to many, and an avid youth equestrian program volunteer that needs your help.  As a result of his alleged involvement in the Jan 6, 2021 "capitol riot", he is being held in the D.C. jail currently awaiting pleas/trial.  As a result of his "situation" Jeff's family has been without income for 5 months and have had to recently move out of their Colorado home.  His family is currently divided among various family and friends across 3 different states.  To make matters worse, Jeff's bank has closed / frozen his accounts.  Additionally, Jeff's D.C. based legal counsel has recently had some challenges (not case related) that have resulted in his legal counsel needing to be replaced (at an additional cost).  Although Jeff's family and friends have been extremely supportive, times are indeed tough.  If you don't already know Jeff, know that he is a very hard working guy that always puts others before himself as is evidenced by his character reference letters (which can be found online).  If you would like to help Jeff and his family you can do so by contributing to his give-send-go campaign titled:  Jeff Sabol Legal Defense Fund.
Additionally Jeff is looking for video of him helping officers in front of the tunnels. Details about this reqiest are described in his blog that is on Tumblr... 
Although Jeff's faith during this difficult time has definitely been tested, it is Jeff's belief that the Lord purposely guided him onto this path so that he could stand in defiance
deception and corruption so that the righteousness of the Lord will prevail.


Update #10
May 25, 2022
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Hi All, 

It has been a while since I have done an update... It has been just over 16 months since I or our kids have seen Jeff....Very sad to have all this precious time pass us by without Jeff being home to watch his kids grow, and to take care of his aging parents...

There has been no change in Jeff's situation, he is still just being held there with no end in sight. Please keep Jeff and all the other January 6th Patriots in your thoughts and prayers. 

Thank You for all your support. Unfortunantly there is at least one person  who want you to think that they support you, but in reality they are just viscous, and say horrible things in their prayers while pretending to be a pastor... When I think of it, He is the one that needs the prayers.. 

For all of you Wonderful, True Americans, Thank you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for Jeff and our family...

Thank You,


Update #9
March 9, 2022
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Hello folks,

We would like to Thank all of you wonderful people who have given many wonderful prayers, kind words and positive thoughts along with support to help with legal fees. We have been getting some very cruel prayers from some very unkind people out there. However the positive prayers out way the negative ones and help us spiritually... So Thank you all... 

There has been no change in Jeff\'s situation. They all have suffured many hours of lock downs. we went through a few weeks of not being able to communicate with our loved ones via phone in the DC Jails as phones were messed up., Now their messaging devices are messed up so we can not communicate that way. Jeff and I keep saying at least the phones work now so we can at least get a call in each day. He tries to always find the positive instead of dwelling on the negativity that is for sure surrounding them in there. 

Please keep the wonderful thoughts and prayers coming for all or our loved ones who are in need of some great positivity from everyone they can get it from... I enjoy sharing with Jeff all the wonderful prayers he receives... 

Thank You,

Michelle and Jeff

Update #8
January 7, 2022
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Update #8 

It has been a year today that our lives have changed forever. Our loved ones are being held in solitary confinement now for 22 hours a day with 2 hours out to shower and make phone calls. Not allowed to see their lawyers right now and still no visitiation and no video calls. This is unconstitutional for sure. 

Jeff  has been denied bond, and has lost his due process rights everytime he has a status hearing which Prosecutors keep pushing any chance of a trial back . We do not expect Jeff to have a trial or anything else until late in the year if then. 

Jeff has been away from his family since January 10th, and we miss him terribly. He has lost his career, his bank accounts had been shut down, and he has pretty much lost everything he has worked so hard for. The worse part of all of this being seperated from his family.

Please continue praying for Jeff and our family as well as all the other Political Prisioners. 

Thank You.


Update #7
December 16, 2021
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Update 7

Thank you for all your support, prayers and postitive thoughts. It has been a long couple of months without Jeff home. We have gone through November apart on our birthday's, they are 11 days apart. Then Thanksgiving, and now Christmas. Jeff had another status hearing, and of course the Prosecutors  asked for another extension, and it is was granted.  So another 60 days of no right to a speedy trial.  These guys are being treated so unfair... It is unconstitutional what is happening to these true patriots. 
There has been some situation in the DC jail  where one of the  guards had been tweeting on twitter about the J6 guys, and a bunch of racial slurs against them and Trump supporters etc. Because of all the negative attention it has caused for the DC jail, the inmates are suffering the consequences for her actions. It truely is unjust and unfair. 
Please pray for our guys, and ladies that are stuck not only in DC, but on home arrest and other jails around the US. 

Thank You again for your positive thoughts, prayers and support,
Jeff and Michelle

Update #6
November 11, 2021
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Update #6

Thank You all for your love and support. Jeff has another status hearing coming up this month. Of course we expect it to go the same way all the other ones have gone and that is the prosecutors asking for an extension and for Jeff to give up his right to a speedy trial for the time of the extention.
It has been 10 months that Jeff  has been incarcerated and away from his family who Love and Miss him very much. Jeff is a wonderful Husband and Father who just wants to come home to his family.  
Please keep Jeff as well as all the other Political Prisioners and our familes in you thoughts and prayers. 

Update #5
October 29, 2021
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Update 5. Well Jeff had his continue to his bond hearing last week and like we expected, he was denied release once again. This is so heartbreaking and so unfair. Let alone what is being done to these patriots is UNAMERICAN AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!. It is sad what our world has come to. We are battling some real difficult times right now with all of us being separated in 3 different States 4 if you count Jeff in DC,  but with our faith and love of God and the support from all of you wonderful people, we will get through this difficult chapter in our lives and be together again as a family. Hopefully someday real soon. 
Thank you again for all of your prayers and support.

Update #4
October 20, 2021
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Good Morning all,
I can not THANK  you all enough for your prayers and generous donations. Jeff is still being denied bond, even though he has a loving family waiting for  him to come home so we can all be together again. This is so unconsttutional what the Government is doing to our loved ones and our Country.. Please continue to keep our family as well as all the other families in your prayers.

Thank you,
Jeff and Michelle

Update #3
October 5, 2021
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Update for Jeff Sabol. Well he is still being held with no end in sight. No hair cuts, shaves, video calls, no visits because  he is not vaccinated,  very little food for these poor guys. This is so unamerican. Please continue to pray for our loved ones and their families.  
Thank you all for your prayers...
God Bless 

Update #2
September 27, 2021
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Hi All.

Update #2
Not much has happened. It has been 8 months.  Jeff has some okay days and some not okay days, but we will not give up. We continue with our faith and our prayers that the Good Lord will shine on Jeff and all the others being held unjustly and reunited with our families soon. 
Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and support. 

Update #1
August 30, 2021
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Hi All, 

!st update, Doing okay with the support of so many wonderful people in our America. I just want to thank all of you who are praying for our loved ones.


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