Together In Worship

Campaign Created by: Gregory Cornelius

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 500

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 Thank you for taking time to hear my story and to learn about   Together In Worship. My name is Gregory Cornelius and I am the   Director of Music & Media at Dothan Community Church in Dothan   Alabama. I am a songwriter, pianist and artist devoted to spreading   the gospel of Jesus Christ through heartfelt praise and worship, and   by the use of creative media that tells the captivating and life-   changing story of the love of God. Being from the south, we have   unfortunately seen the devastation that racism and bigotry has   caused in our cities and even in our churches. But I believe and am   convinced that God is greater that the spirit of hate, and His word can break down the barriers that keep us separated even on Sunday mornings.

On April 21, 2018, I lost my mother to a brief and unexpected battle with pancreatic cancer. It was a devastating loss to my family and I, but God's power was evidenced over and over in the events that led up to and after her passing. Upon returning to Alabama from my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, I was cleaning out my closet just to keep myself busy. I came across an envelope addressed to me from my mother. It was postmarked exactly a year to the day my mother passed - April 21, 2017. I trembled as I read it. My mother, at 83, had taken the time to hand write a letter of encouragement to me. She shared how happy she was to see what God was doing in my life. How I had grown from a bitter, broken man, to a happy full-time minister, a songwriter, published author, a man of passion, full of purpose and zeal and a heart for the lost, the lonely and the hopeless. She encouraged me to go after the vision which I had shared with her; to start a multi-ethnic, racially diverse music ministry that would travel the world leading powerful, cinematic worship services that were motivated by a desire to glorify God and not ourselves. This was all the push I needed.

Together In Worship will combine Godly songs of praise and worship with a mixture of emotionally moving live and video story-telling to create a stunning presentation of how God's love draws us together and bridges the gaps the not only separate us from Him, but also separates us from each other. Our goal is to have a ministry that will travel the globe sharing the message of reconciliation, love and unity in a way that is beautiful, artistic and powered by the Spirit of the one and true God.

The purpose of this campaign is to purchase the necessary sound, audio and video equipment that we will need in order to be a self-contained ministry so that our presentations will always be consistent no matter where we go. We believe in giving God our best because He deserves it. We are in the process of putting together our musicians and singers and creating the video media that will accompany our music. We will be singing original worship songs and songs by other Christian artist who are true to the word and to the calling which has been placed upon us His servants.

Your support will be greatly appreciated and will allow us to spread a message of hope and healing to a fallen nation and a broken world. Please contribute to this ministry as you feel led. God bless you.



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