If one ever wondered what a clear violation of a man’s 1st amendment rights looked like, look no further than Timothy Hale. In the 2021 era, you can be jailed and detained based on words alone. Tim was arrested on January 15, 2021, and placed in the county jail. Tim was then transferred a few days later to a 2nd county jail in his home state before being picked up by the marshals and brought to NY, OK, then to VA, and finally to DC where he contracted COVID. He was denied bail twice and then in an egregious decision by the appellate court, denied a 3rd time. Tim was been held in DC Gitmo for more than 20 months. He spent his entire time in solitary confinement conditions. During his first 6 months, he spent 23 hours per day in a jail cell. During Tim's time in DC, he suffered from a horrific ear infection and he was denied medical treatment. Because of this Tim has suffered serious hearing loss.

The 1rst amendment is very clear and if it means anything it means this; It means that a state or government has NO business telling a man who sits alone in his own home what books he should read, what words to say, or what political party he so chooses to support. In a simplified paragraph, the 1st amendment means the following: We the people have the right to the freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition the Government.

Tim was not charged with a violent crime, nor did he assault anyone! He has no criminal record worth noting, and yet this government found Tim guilty in May 2022 on a charge of Obstruction. Tim was sentenced to four years in prison in September of 2022 and has recently been transferred to a prison in NJ where he will remain for the next two years. Tim's trial should have never been litigated in the city of DC. Tim is not in jail today because of what he was accused of on January 6 but rather because of the contents found on Tim's phone and what other people did that day but most importantly for his support of President Trump.

Tim has lost everything! His 12 years in the US Army, his housing, and his job. He has been massacred in the media and extremely mischaracterized. Upon his release, he will have to start from the ground up. Tim has been robbed of EVERYTHING including his freedom. What has happened to Tim is nothing short of evil.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Tim's story and also for any support you may consider.

Tim's family and friends.