Hey guys

As some of you know I was in Africa working with a grassroot children ministry. In that process I had the privilege of meeting some very good off-the-grid deliverance and healing ministers. I have felt a leading to fly one of them to Australia to come and see how the western world works as there are a lot of misconceptions. I am being prayerful as the cross-cultural experience can be daunting and wisdom is needed. 

I am also in need of accommodation for 2-4 weeks - somewhere that is quiet, warm and clean. If anyone knows of any individuals, churches or pastors that may have a solution please privately message me - I would be eternally grateful. 

Please note: Please keep a record of how much you have given in case I need to refund you. If you wish to remain anonymous just send me a message for record purposes.

Dates TBA. For further information - please contact me privately. 

Any contribution would be highly appreciated.


Kaylee Rechichi