We are the Thuraus and we are trying to raise money to help pay for our children's Christian education. At the end of the 2023 school year we felt that we needed to head in a different direction then what was being taught in our public school system and we felt the best decision was to start looking for Christian schools. We ended up finding the right one and I can not tell you the changes that we have seen not only in the 3 of our children that are attending but in our family as a whole. Our family has been through some things probably more things than most and I am sure there are some that have had it much worse. I am going to share our story and I am going to be completely honest and before I start there are 2 things I would want you to know. 1. I have no idea how else to try to get my kids through this year financially. 2. This will be real 100%.  My wife and I have a blended family, hers, mine and ours. So naturally that has its own set of trials and challenges to begin with. At this point we are talking about ours; We have 3 beautiful children together Annabelle (age 10), Adam Jr. (age 8), and Abraham (age 6). Two boys that are quite the handful at times but have very caring, loving hearts. Lindsey and I have been together about 11 years now and as I said we have been through some things. See I was in the United States Army for some time; just under 10 years to be exact, I've traveled all over the world but I made it home to be here, right where God wants me. I was stationed in South Korea for 15 months in 2003-2004 and ended up being shipped over to Iraq in 2004 for my first year long deployment. Came back home for 8 months or so and was sent to Iraq a second time, came home from that and 12 months later I was deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. After that I was ready to get out and hopefully live some of my life. In 2007 I was driving an up-armored Humvee that was struck with an EFP, also known as an Explosively Formed Penetrator. Basically it did what it was supposed to do and killed 2 men in my truck. For a long time, even still to this day I think about the what ifs. Could I have done something different that would have kept them here, kept them around longer to see their children grow up or their grandchildren be born. I don't know if there was something that I could've done or not done. That day will forever be in my mind. July 6, 2007 So what does this have to do with my kids and their Christian education? I am getting to that. So after all of my time in the military I never dealt with my issues my PTSD and all the body aches and pains. Well I did deal with it in a very unhealthy way, drinking because what better way than to numb the pain. I was already an alcoholic when I got out of the military just one who didn't want to admit it or deal with anything the right ways. Fast forward for a lot of years that were really a blur from all the drinking and partying to August 30, 2018. That day we were up camping in northern Michigan as we were going to homeschool and travel the US teaching them along the way. On August 30, 2018 Lindsey and I got into a very very heated argument. After a day of drinking and hanging out everything came to a head. See we were on this voyage so that I could run from being tied down to one place, so I could get away from my problems. But it didn't matter where I was my problems were still there. During that argument in front of our children I pulled out my pistol. My son was 3 at that time, Abe was a baby and Belle was 5. I asked them if they wanted to see their mom die. After that I gave all the kids hugs and kisses because I was ready I was ready to take my life be gone from this world and end all the pain and nightmares and take the easy way out. I got into my truck with my pistol ready to take my life either by crashing my truck or putting that pistol to my head and pulling the trigger. But God stepped in the sheriff got to me before I had much of a chance. September 1, 2018 was my first day sober sitting in a jail cell in northern Michigan. My life had to change and God had a better plan. Not an easy plan or a simple plan but He wasn't done yet. I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive myself for that day and what I put my family through then, but I do believe there was an impact on my little ones on my son Adam Jr. Up to that point he didn't know life without Dad, his best friend, his hero. Why am I sharing this? Maybe someone will read this story and see there is hope for their situation. If I don't get any help from this thats fine. I know money is tight for everyone these days and if this isnt the way then God will show us what is the way. So why does all this play into helping my children stay attending their Christian school? The affects of that day way back in 2018 left effects on them weather they know it or not. My son got off the bus from school for 2 years straight ready to fight or break something almost every single day. The pain and the hurt that he would deal with and still does deal with sometimes breaks my heart. The things that were fueling his fire at a public school compared to him being in a place where he is loved and prayed for and is learning about God in everything has made a huge impact. Annabelle is learning her Bible like you wouldn't believe and has a passion for more of God at 10 years old its amazing, And Abraham doesn't know anything else but he's getting taught things that are by the wayside in the public school systems. I am not one to ask for something like this publicly but I don't know what else to do. If you can help with a donation of any amount then great and if you can not thats great to, but please keep us in your prayers. I love you all ~ Adam