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A time of Family Tragedy

I am a Desert Storm Disabled Veteran. I have Gulf War Syndrome and multiple health issues related to chemical and burn pit exposures. I went for decades without treatment, until my body finally collapsed, working at FedEx Indy Hub, July 19, 2020. I was rushed to the Emergency Room at the VA Hospital.

Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Type 2 Diabetes, Lemphedema, Partial Blindness in both eyes due to Diabetic Wet AMD and a whole slew of other debilitating disabilities. My body just gave out. I have been unemployable since that date. Which led me to finally get a lawyer to create a VA Disability case, which to date has gone on for many years. They confirm my injuries and illnesses but DENY links to the Gulf War Exposure!

The same time I was dealing with a massive health and income crisis, my Mother began having serious health issues, so I walked away from my life and appartment and moved in to help her, my sister and her 2 children, Ezekiel 8 and Samarah 14. I had hoped my VA case would have been wrapped up quickly, given all the evidence that my Health Issues were obviously tied to Burn Pits, Chemical Exposure and Radioactive Equiptment! How ever, this was not the case!

Having underestimated my case, my health issues and the overwhelming responcibility of healping my family. I began to plumit into massive debt. I was hospitalized multiple times for the Lymphedema, my Heart Failure and my Eyes...

Resulting in a Quadrouple Bypass Open Heart Surgery, and to date, 3 years and going of both eyes having Vabysmo Injections every 4 weeks, 2 Laser Surgeries and possible Cataract Surgery coming up. I have been to the ER multiple times over the past year in 2023 to 2024.

To add to the difficulty of the situation, my Mother just passed away from her health issues last week, February 13, 2024 at 515PM. Leaving me with a pile of debt, a Home that is in limbo, as she left the name of my Grandfather as owner, whom is also long passed on. Which is going to be a legal nightmare and probably expensive to deal with, and massive bills she had failed to pay too boot.

I am now in legal cases for my VA Disability, can not work, so no job income any more, two children and a sister to support, my health is horrible and the car I have is about to fall apart, not that I can drive, except for extreme emergency!

I fear not being able to pay the Utilities, provide food and that we may end up getting kicked out of our Family home... I have faith in GOD, I am praying hard and had to swallow my pride just to do this, I hate asking for help, that being said, we need it!

We need help to try and save our home, pay off debts and get us to the point to where GOD willing, I get a 100 percent rating on my VA Disability.

Any help is appreaciated, GOD bless you for anything you may give, if you can't afford, as times are tough for a great many of us, then please forward this to someone that may be able to help.



Bone Marrow and Home
March 12, 2024
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Fighting to keep home, on top of health and family issues... The Biopsy results concluded my blood platlets are dangerously low and they are looking at numerous treatment options.

It is almost a Month to the date that my only Parent I have ever known, my mother, has passed away and a ton of debt is piled upon me and my  family.

I have my 8 year old and 14 year old Niece and Nephew to take care of and a 30 year old " Recovering Drug Addict" to care for, not to mention my severe health.

I have put this all in GOD's hands and pray to Jesus that miricles will come and like JOB of the Bible, we too will weather this storm and come out blessed better than what we have lost.

I will continue to post updates as often as possible, but I dont know how long as I cant affored anything, let alone the internet.

GOD bless you all and good day

Now it's MDS Leukemia
February 28, 2024
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Praise GOD and Jesus our Lord...

Use this for your Purpose, Power, Praise and Glory! In Jesus most Holy Name, Amen!

Your will be done Father GOD!


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