The Watcher Comic Book Series was first published in 2020 after more than a decade in pre-development. The series centers on a young pastor who is desperately trying to solve a cold case involving missing children from his church. After making a vow to God, he is imbued with supernatural abilities from The Holy Spirit to help aid him in his pursuit. 

Although the story does address serious topics such as Human Trafficking, it is not done in a pornographic way. The overarching theme of the story is teaching followers of Christ how to become Watchmen to the nations while also utilizing the Gifts of The Spirit.  Topics such as Spiritual Warfare, Generational Curses, and End Time preparation are all themes throughout the series. 

Three issues have been published along with a Daily Prayer Journal and two Youth Group Study Guides. Publishing this comic book series along with all of the supplemental material has been a huge financial undertaking and has been delayed because of monetary reasons. We are raising money so that we can continue to publish this story as well as other resources for people to learn about Christ. Your donation would help make this possible.