The Unshakeable Pundit is an independent run blog/news website by MJTruth. My sole mission is to provide information & empower our communities with information that the MSM will NEVER share, including information regarding covid-19, the experimental "vaccines", and 2020 election fraud. 

As an independent publisher, I dedicate a lot of time & effort to help educate people outside of my regular 9-5, currently on Telegram at I have now built a website in addition to my social media efforts, called "The Unshakeable Pundit". My only goal is to help people, that's it.

Although it is not a whole lot, I do spend my own money to try to provide an online presence to provide critical information. God blesses those who do his work, so don't feel obligated to donate. However, any donations are graciously accepted during these uncertain times of employment. If you feel that my efforts are helpful & worthy of a donation, I am eternally grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Times are hard. I understand. I will continue to do what God has called me to do. As I said, donations are not necessary, but appreciated. What is appreciated more are your prayers for me & my family. 

God Bless,