Join me in creating a better way for everyone to become the future. 

After seeing first hand the devastating effects of our current education system directly in my family and now we see it in full display through the corruption of every system in Canada fully realized through the WEF and the woke people in our systems, and our reaction to the virus only perpetuated this mindset. 

I have been working for many years on a project to bring full control of you and your children's education and training firmly in the hands of the individual so that an indoctrination by the state can not occur. Sovereignty of the individual is paramount. 

Our first hand account of the dangers of the system I have described in this video about my brother Anthony.

Because of the governments actions during and prior to the C19 virus I lost 3 family members in 3 months from the vaccine, my brother's mental state deteriorated so bad when the lockdowns occurred that he has been put into a mental institution and has been there for nearly 3 years. Their methods of "treating" mental illness is causing major damage to his central nervous system causing him to shake. I was also fired from my job for refusing to divulge my medical status (vaccine passport / C19 test) which is protected under the medical privacy laws not to mention the dangers of both. 

We are nearing Beta for the software but the financial challenges have become very difficult due to the loss of my job I was struggling through already difficult military injuries while working so this has been a chalange. 

I will continue fighting to build this system no mater what, but the help from you will be certainly appreciated and will accelerate the program. 

I am building this system not only to create a better system of mentorship, training and education for all of us but so I am able to fund recovery centers for PTSD, mental illness and detox center (prescription and non prescription). 

I appreciate the support very much and this money will be put to good use.