Our 19-year-old daughter Grace, who had Down Syndrome, horrifically died on October 13, 2021, at a hospital putting profits over patients. She died because a doctor illegally labeled her DNR and then a 14-year experienced ICU nurse proceeded to overdose her on Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine within a 30-minute window.

We are sharing Grace’s story, so more people don’t needlessly die in hospitals and other medically connected facilities such as nursing homes and hospice care units.

We have established a charitable foundation to honor our beautiful Grace Emily. Grace had a love for the Lord and was a true light for Him while on this earth. Her favorite Scripture verse was 1 John 4:8. She would include “God is Love” as part of her signature and with many of her works of art.

Let us tell you more about Grace…

She was an angel on Earth. Grace enjoyed playing violin, horse riding, acting, singing, dancing, hunting, fishing and learning (especially geography). She loved being home-schooled! She was creative and a wonderful artist. Grace had a gift of encouragement and decorated pictures and cards to spread love and gratitude. Her efforts always cheered you up.

Her joy for life and her sense of humor were wonderful. Grace could always make you smile. She was known for making up her own jokes. The first of many was, “Where do bees go to the bathroom? The BP station.”

Grace had many hopes and dreams, including obtaining her driver’s license, getting married, and being a tour guide at Graceland one day. She LOVED Elvis and met Priscilla Presley! She was the best daughter a parent could ever have, not to mention a wonderful sister, aunt, niece, and friend! Grace would correct us, saying ‘she is not an ant, because she was not an insect’ 😊. The sky was truly the limit with Grace, and we were greatly blessed to have her in our lives for 19 years.

What happened to Grace is a tragic story. However, we know that God is sovereign and will use this tragedy for good. When we formed her foundation, we envisioned providing many people with disabilities the opportunity to use their talents and spread the light that Christ has intentionally placed within their hearts for this world. This could be anything from providing violin lessons to a college scholarship. That is still our number one priority! However, because of what we’ve learned regarding the cause of Grace’s death, the foundation is also focusing on shining Grace Emily’s light through educating people on the dangers of incentivized health care. In addition, the foundation plans to raise money for legal defenses related to others killed in hospital facilities as part of its mission.

Thank you for considering a donation to our efforts to share Grace’s story and further the goals of her foundation. With your help, Grace’s light can continue to shine that much brighter.

Please visit www.OurAmazingGrace.net to learn more and see some amazing pictures and videos of our angel.

Scott and Cindy Schara, Founders