My name is Audrey Werner and I am the founder of The Matthew XVIII Group. I was awakened to the effects of sex education on kids when I shifted in my nursing career from sex educator in the schools to Sexually Transmitted Disease/ Clinic nurse in 1997. In my initial research I found an organization which began in 1964 called SIECUS (Sex Information Education Council of the United States). Timing is everything and in my research I also learned that the Supreme Court ruled to take prayer out of schools in 1962 and Bible Reading out of the schools in 1963. Not only was it stunning to learn that God had been take out of the schools, but the sexualization of the children began the very next year in 1964 with SIECUS. In 2017 I published the first edition of my book, 10 TIPS ON HOW NOT TO TALK TO KIDS ABOUT SEX, which revealed some of the information that I uncovered. I then revised and expanded the book to include even more amazing facts on the plan behind the moral corruption of America. One of the most critical pieces in my research included information from an old copy of a book I had been given by a retired teacher friend of mine titled, THE SIECUS CIRCLE: A HUMANIST REVOLUTION, written by Claire Chambers. In 1970 Claire was on the front line and had witnessed first-hand the sexual revolutionary cabal’s push for sexualizing our kids. Her book was published in 1977 after years of extensive research and this book contains who was in this cabal, how they brought sex education to the classrooms in America, and which organizations were involved. 

Charles E. Rice, Professor of Law at Notre Dam Law School gave the following endorsement of Claire’s book in 1977:

“It is a mistake to regard the assault on life and the family as an isolation phenomenon. Rather, that

assault arises from the imperatives of an anti-God religion. This religion is Secular Humanism, which

shares a common materialism with Marxism……. Secular Humanism is now the official religion of this

nation. One of its principal objectives is the re-education of the American people so that they will never

know or will forget the nature and the Author of Life. The SIECUS Circle is a valuable book in its

demonstration of the consistent efforts of many activists and their dupes to advance the secular cause. 

It is a most useful book and it should be widely read.”

Last summer I was thrilled to learn that Claire Chambers was alive, still sharp as a tack, and about to turn 90 years old. I sent her my revised and expanded book and asked if I could talk to her on the phone. Since that time Claire and I have become the best of friends as we both have the goal to save America from the demonic pit of Marxism we seem to be accelerating towards. We went on Seth Gruber’s podcast, UNABORTED, to share our findings with the world and have had thousands of people watching.The one plea people wrote in the feedback was, “How do I purchase a copy of The SIECUS Circle,” as it was out of print end extremely expensive. Claire has given permission to my ministry to print the book and make it accessible and affordable again, but we need to raise the funds for this project. The money that is raised will go toward the printing and shipping of the first 500 copies of THE SIECUS CIRCLE which will be sold on The Matthew XVIII Group ministry website . Any funds raised beyond this goal will go towards The Matthew XVIII Group to print more copies and to continue the efforts that Claire had started many years ago.